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    Riverside Rams! Lisa Williams





    My 2019-20 Schedule:

     1st Study Hall - ADT  5th Personal Finance - L518
     2nd  Planning - L517  6th Personal Finance - L518
     3rd Personal Finance - L518   7th CIS/Adv CIS - L519
     4th CIS - L519  8th  Planning - L517
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    Department Grading Policy Department Reassessment policy
    All CTE Classes - Formative assessments will be 10% of the student grade and summative assessments will be 90%.

    All late work will receive a 10% reduction, per block day late. The maximum score of 60% will be entered if work is five or more blocks late.
    All CTE Classes - Students have two blocks to schedule a retake or makeup assessment without penalty for an excused absence.

    Students will be required to complete some form of remediation or study time to be eligible for a retake.

    Students will receive the higher of the two grades up to a maximum of 84%.

    Retakes may not be the exact test/project.
    Extra Curricular Positions
     FBLA/Interact Co-Advisor