• Dear J.L. Simpson Community Members and Guests:


    Welcome to our school’s website.  I am excited about our 40th school year and all that is possible for us to achieve together.  Our school opened in 1976 and has a wonderful history serving this community over the last four decades.


    The new school year will be our best ever!  As we come together as a community, I expect all of us to do our part.  We must be supportive of one another and strive to do our best in every situation.  Each year gives us a new opportunity for personal growth.  We should learn from last year’s challenges and/or mistakes, and devote ourselves to improvement.  Let’s put all that we have learned to work for us as we work to reach our goals.


    Our faculty and staff work hard to provide a meaningful education to every student.  We have worked together on school improvement and also worked on individual improvement.  This faculty and staff works to help every student reach their potential.  In partnership with the PTO, parents lend a tremendous amount of support to the students and faculty of Simpson Middle School.  Parent involvement is essential in helping our school have a healthy climate and culture.  We are fortunate to have many parent volunteers and realize that involved parents make a difference!


    Last year, our school made significant gains in our goal to make J. L. Simpson Middle School the best middle school in Loudoun County.  This year is no different.  We must build on last year’s successes if we are to further establish ourselves as the best.  Each and every member of our community must set goals that align with our mission and vision.  As we work to achieve these goals, all of us will do our part in making this our best year ever.


    Our school is a place of hope and an opportunity for everyone.  Together, there is much that we can accomplish.  Our school spirit is high and everyone should take pride in being part of this fantastic school community.  My best to everyone as we worked to achieve our best year ever!


    We are the Mustangs…

    We are J. L. Simpson Middle School




    Chad D.Runfola


Last Modified on August 27, 2015