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    Ms. April Kortlang

    Department: Social Studies

    Email: april.kortlang@lcps.org

    Rooms:  301 and L213

    Planning Blocks: 1st and 6th


    Welcome to my page, parents and students! Last year, I was Ms. Eads, but I switched to my married name, Ms. Kortlang, over the summer. My husband Andrew and I have a dog Banjo, and we got a puppy over the summer that we named Rebel. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and hanging out at our home near the river. I have been in a few bands, most recently a 90s cover band, where I sang, and played guitar and piano. I also enjoy reading and cooking.

    I graduated from Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach in 1999. I enjoyed chorus and community service.

    After taking the long road through college, I earned my Bachelor's degree in political science from George Mason University in 2010. I earned my Master's degree in international relations from Old Dominion University in December of 2015.  

    This is my second year at this Freedom High School (I taught at the other Freedom High School in Woodbridge, too!). Last year, I taught US/VA Government and World History and Geography II, as well as pushed in to several classes as an English Language Learner teacher.  

     This year at Freedom, I am teaching US/VA Government and World II. I am excited for this upcoming year!




     "Master has given Dobby a Sock!"

     (This is a picture my sister took of me and Banjo one Halloween. We dressed him up as Dobby from Harry Potter. On the piece of paper, we wrote, "Master has given Dobby a sock!")




    1st block: Planning (L213)

    2nd block: US/VA Government (301)

    3rd block: World History and Geography II (301)

    4th block: World History and Geography II (301)

    5th block: US/VA Government (L213)

    6th block: Planning (L213)

    7th block: Study Hall (L213)

    8th block: US/VA Government (L213)


    Advisory is in L512.


    World History and Geography II

    US/VA Government

    Students may find me before and after school in room L213. 









    Contact Information
    Freedom High School | 25450 Riding Center Drive | South Riding, VA
    P: (703)957-4300 | F:(703)542-2086