• My name is Heather Colon! I am originally from Upstate New York (in between Buffalo and Rochester) and attended St. Bonaventure University where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. Prior to moving to Northern VA, I taught abroad in Panama, Central America, and also taught self-contained pre-school for students with multiple disabilities. I then earned my Master's Degree in Educational Psychology and moved to Virginia to continue my career here. I am so very excited to be entering my 12th year of teaching, and my 10th year in Loudoun County. This is my third year at Cool Spring Elementary teaching 3rd grade, and prior to Cool Spring I taught 4th grade and also was a cross-categorical Special Education teacher at other LCPS elementary schools.

    I adore working with children and I love making learning fun, exciting, and engaging for students. I focus on students showing kindness and respect toward one another through 'filling each other's bucket'. Through personalized learning this year each student will have greater 'voice and choice' in activities that excite and motivate them which in turn will promote student engagement and meaningful learning.

    When I am not in school doing what I love, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a 5-year-old daughter, Rosie who is just the light of my life. I also have a husband, Matt, and two step-daughters; Lexi who is 17 and Lianna who is 19 in college at VCU. I also love cooking healthy foods and meal-prepping is a huge, relaxing hobby of mine. My favorite thing to do is taking a traditional recipe and subbing in more whole, natural ingredients ...and it's an added bonus that Rosie loves to cook with me so it provides more quality time with her. I also love anything and everything fitness related; lifting, biking on my Peloton, working out with my fitness team, and I've also competed in several different fitness shows over the past 6 years. I am a personal trainer on the side and use my teaching abilities to coach others on how to build a healthy lifestyle. When I am relaxing, I enjoy a nice chai tea while catching up on my favorite Netflix series.

    Now to be silly and reveal some random pieces of information about myself.....


    • COLOR: pink, red, and gold
    • ANIMAL: unicorns, hedgehogs, and narwhals
    • COFFEE: From Starbucks, chai tea, a Cinnamon-Dolce Latte....but any flavored K-Cup!
    • GENRE: MYSTERY and Thriller (I like being kept on my toes)
    • MOVIE: Trolls, anything with Dwayne Johnson, Inception, and ALL ROCKY AND CREED MOVIES (I secretly am obsessed with boxing even though I don't do it myself)
    • RESTAURANT: Cheesecake Factory and Seasons 52
    • STORE: AMAZON, Trader Joe's & Wegman's, and like any teacher, TARGET
    • SWEET: Contrary to what I mentioned above about living a healthy lifestyle, I also have a HUGE sweet tooth and enjoy a tasty treat on occasion! Brownies, choco-chip oatmeal cookies, peanut butter ANYTHING....well to be honest ANYTHING with a chocolate-PB combo (PB M&Ms being my fave!)
    • SNACK: Rice cake with cashew butter
    • HOBBY: Exercising, baking, cooking, organizing, Pinterest-ing, and playing with Cricut machines
    • SEASON: Because of pumpkin pie, apple-picking, hay-rides, jumping in leaves..the list is endless


    • I have no siblings
    • I have no pets (but if I COULD have a pet, I would want a Goldendoodle)
    • Rosie and I sing 80's songs VERY loudly in the car
    • Seeing a narwhal in real life is on my bucket list
    • I used to be a competitive cheerleader
    • My husband does the best Elmo voice
    • I published a children's book called, The Lion Without A Roar

    Also, please follow our class Twitter account, @Colon_Zone 


    Welcome to my room!
    A student proudly carries the book I published
    pumpkin investigations