• About Walk with a Purpose (WWAP)




    Walk With A Purpose (WWAP) is a walking club that was founded in the fall of 2016.  Studies show that short walks have several health benefits, lower stress, and boost one’s mood; that is why this club is centered around the act of walking.  Rather than a sport, walking is an activity in which most people are willing and able to participate.  Being low intensity, members can walk and talk with friends or meet someone new.


    The primary goal of WWAP is to create a stronger community within Broad Run.  This club is meant to offer a space where everyone has the opportunity to participate and be themselves.  High school can be a very difficult time for teenagers as they try to not only identify themselves as individuals, but also find close friendships.  WWAP hopes to eliminate this stress and give all members a memorable high school experience.


    A more expansive secondary goal of WWAP is to connect with the outside community through supply drives and fundraisers.  This is where the idea of ‘purpose’ in Walk With A Purpose comes in.  WWAP is open to any and all outreach programs and partnering with outside organizations to benefit the overall community and help those in need.




    We will meet Thursday mornings at 8:15 in either Coach Cos’s room (room 603) or Mr. Manning’s room (room 117). From 8:15-8:30, there will be food and refreshments for everyone to enjoy as we wait for remaining members to arrive. At 8:30, we will leave for our walks! Most walks will last about 30 minutes, giving everyone ample time to get to class. The last Thursday of every month, we plan to have a fun indoor activity which may include crafts, yoga, games, or helping out with the fundraiser or charity event at the time. As our walking is subject to the weather, meetings may be cancelled if we don’t have an indoor activity ready.


    For more information about our club and upcoming walks and events (including cancelations) please visit our website here.


Last Modified on October 25, 2017