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    Girl Up is not currently active for the Fall 2019 semester. Stay tuned. 

    "The positive impact of girls' education has been shown to transcend generations, resulting in better health outcomes among women, their children and eventually their grandchildren."

    Girl Up, United Nations Foundation

    Sponsor: Kathleen Laguardia

    Email: Kathleen.laguardia@lcps.org


    President:            Catherine Kang

    Vice President:     Naomi Nkan

    Secretary:            Lillie Crawford

    Treasurer:            Nadia Shalhoub


    2018 INTEREST MEETING:  September 24th @ 8:30 in room 145

    Following Meeting Dates:

    10/15 @ 8:30 in room 145

    10/29 @ 8:30 in room 145 CANCELED

    Next Meeting: 11/19 @ 8:30 in room 145


    About Girl Up PFHS
    Through fundraising and awareness PFHS Girl Up aims to give girls in under developed countries the chance at having a better life through opportunities of education.




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