• Priscilla Gaffney

    Welcome to Intro to Computer Applications!!!!  


    Hello, my name is Mrs. Priscilla Gaffney.  Originally from New York I am proud to call Loudoun County Virginia my home for almost 20 years!  I love to take care of things, especially children(3) and animals(7) on my small farm in western loudoun.  My hobbies are horseback riding, attending my children’s sporting events and caring for all my animals.  

     My education experience includes an International Business degree from Hofstra University and a Career Switcher program through Shenandoah University. I have extensive small business experience including the import and sale of food ingredients, sales and technical support for a smart phone App, and customer service and accounting for a local HVAC company.  These work experiences have allowed me to travel extensively throughout the world and exposed me to a vast array of cultures, languages and people, which I am excited to be able to share with my students.  

    Our class will be a place students will enjoy learning an important skill they will apply throughout their lifetime. We will also incorporate various workplace ready skills such as questioning, researching, presenting, documentation, and teamwork.  I am a strong believer that effective communication skills are the key to success, so please email me or call me if you have any questions.

    Email Link:  priscilla.gaffney@lcps.org

    Tel: 571-252-2140


    Mrs. Gaffneys Schedule In LAB 3

               A Days                                       B Days

    Block 1A: Planning                   Block 5B: Intro to Comp Apps

    Block 2A: Intro to Comp Apps   Block 6B: Planning

    Block 3A: Intro to Comp Apps   Block 7B: Intro to Comp Apps 

    Block 4A: Intro to Comp Apps   Block 8B: Intro to Comp Apps