Mrs. Catherine L. Browning

Phone: 703-957-4450


Degrees and Certifications:

BA, History University of Richmond M.Ed., Secondary Ed-Social Studies George Washington University

Mrs. Catherine L. Browning

Location of Classroom

Mrs. Browning currently teaches US History to 1865 in room 614 in the 6th grade house. 


Personal Introduction

Mrs. Browning was born at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio when her father was in dental school there.  She is a Buckeye fan to this day.  Soon thereafter, her family moved to Dayton, Ohio, where she grew up.  She attended University of Richmond for undergraduate studies where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History in 1983.  After graduating from UR, Mrs. Browning worked in marketing and advertising for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Style Weekly in Richmond, Virginia, and later, after marrying and moving to Loudoun, Leesburg Today (Loudoun Now).  


She left the workforce to raise her firstborn son, Benjamin, in 1994. Fourteen months later, her daughter Natalie was born. Both children attended Loudoun County schools from K-12, and after graduating from Woodgrove High School, they continued their academic careers at the University of Virginia.  When they were in middle school at Blue Ridge, Mrs. Browning went back to school to obtain her Masters degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Studies from George Washington University. She graduated from GWU in 2012.


Mrs. Browning lived in Loudoun County (Hamilton and Round Hill) from 1989-2016, although she has now resides in Winchester.  In her spare time, Mrs. Browning likes to play tennis and golf, hike, bike, kayak, garden and read. She also loves her time in the classroom.  Teaching and helping children grow into healthy, well adjusted, compassionate and educated adults is her passion.



Sixth grade history is broken up into eight units of study.

1.   Geography (Oceans, continents, regions of North America, latitude and longitude, key American Waterways)

2.  Native Nations of North America (with concentration on Iroquois, Inuit, Pueblo, Lakota Sioux, Kwakiutl)

3.   European Explorers (British, Spanish, French and Portuguese, and the Atlantic slave trade)

4.   Colonial America

5.  American Revolution

6.   A New Nation (Articles of Confederation, Constitution and First Five Presidents)

7.  Westward Expansion

8.  The Civil War

Each unit takes approximately one month (more or less) to introduce, teach, review and assess. 


Things to Bring to Class Everyday

Pencil and eraser

Device (if you have one)

Colored pencils (for mapwork and posters)

Gluestick (for projects)


History Binder (2 inch) or shared A or B day binder (pocket dividers are helpful for foldables)

8 Page Dividers


Lined paper for essay writing

Post-it notes for KWL sorting on the board 



General Schedule for Student Help

Mrs. Browning typically arrives at school early.  She is happy to stay late if a student needs a little extra help.  


Book Resources

For those of you looking for youth history book resources, the following link will provide you with some wonderful recommendations.




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