• Hillsboro Charter Academy

    The partnership opportunities that are available to our families are varied and numerous. Below is a list of some of these opportunities:

    • Room Parents: coordinate holidays, teacher birthdays, classroom parties, auction projects and Teacher Appreciation Week activities
    • In-class assistance: classroom activities, projects, remediation, makeup work, paperwork, hallway and room decorations, or any other helpful task designated by the teacher
    • Lesson or material preparation work: photocopying, laminating, stapling, and sorting as needed for lessons and projects
    • Chaperoning field trips
    • Lunch helpers 
    • Library helpers: shelving, straightening books, repairing books, or preparing new material for use
    • Office aide: front door monitoring, greeting, seasonal decorating, or mail sorting
    • Flower garden and educational garden planning, planting, and maintenance
    • Miscellaneous grounds-keeping and beautification
    • Fundraising: ongoing and special events (yearly auction)
    • Whole-school events or special projects
    • Auction help: preparations, assisting during event, and clean-up
    • Purchasing supplies for staff, project supplies for extra experiments or projects, supplemental art and music supplies, extra library books or educational media, educational computer programs for the school as requested by staff

    If you're interested in volunteering for any of the above tasks, please reach out to the Operating Committee Partnership Chair. Thank you!