Students, need help with assignments?  

    We’ve got you covered! "Walk in" to the Academic Support Center during your study hall--just use e-Hallpass!
    You can receive help with the following subjects:

    Writing   Math   Science   History   World Languages  Computer Science

    Teachers, need to send a student for help? Fill out THIS FORM.
    When to send a student to us:
    • The student is struggling with an assignment and could use academic support in completing it.
    • The student is struggling with study skills and could use support in areas like organizational skills, reading to learn, or taking effective notes. 
     When NOT to send a student to the ASC:
    • For the enforcement of homework completion
    • Quiz and test makeup

    How we communicate the results to you:

    • Within 48 hours of a completed tutoring session, we will send you a detailed report on the session.
    • If the student cancels the session or is unavailable, we will send you a report that details why we were unable to work with your student.