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    ~*6thGrade U.S. History*~


       Ms. Berman holds a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science and a Master's degree in Secondary Social Studies Education; both from James Madison University.  She has taught World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Civics & Economics.
    Ms. Berman is excited to return for the 13th year teaching at Harmony Middle School!  
    Contact Ms. Berman by e-mail at samantha.berman@lcps.org 

    U.S. History ~ MATERIALS LIST 


    Color pencils, glue sticks, multiple highlighters, and stick on tabs for their notebook.
    Good to keep on hand at home:  Highlighters, glue sticks, color pencils, markers, scissors.
    DONATE to the class if you can the above items.  We are always in need of replacing these items throughout the year.  
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     Dear Parents,  

     This is an exciting time of year and I am thrilled to have your child in our class!  The skills your child will be taking away from U.S. History during this year will help them to develop into a successful adult capable of making well-informed decisions.

          I strive to afford your student every opportunity to achieve success.  Some of the activities and material in the course involve understanding important American documents, note-worthy Americans, significant dates, and helping students to understand the sacrifices and struggles those who built this nation faced.  My goal is not only to teach your child, but to provide him/her with the usable skills and an appreciation of the past in order to become a successful future citizen of this great nation.

          Your student may come home and ask your opinion regarding current and past events; it would be beneficial to stay up to date so you can provide an avenue for your child to use the skills they have learned in class.  Encourage your seventh-grader to discuss what he/she has been learning about. A great way to do this is by watching news programs together and reading newspapers or on-line media.  Then, open a dialogue to foster the development of attitudes and feeling toward current events in the media and how they relate to historical events of the past. 

          It is important that we keep the lines of communication open.  The best way to contact me is by e-mail.  I check my daily e-mail after 3:30 and will respond within no more than 48 hours.  I invite you to come to our class and volunteer at various activities over the course of the school year. 

          An important link between school and home are the resources available on this webpage.  Although home work is ultimately the responsibility of your 6th or 7th grader; you may refer to the site for homework updates.  Class assignments, projects, study guides, test & quiz dates, Power Points, and other relevant class information are available on the class web page throughout the year.  


    Thank you for your time and dedication to the success of your student. 


                                                                  ~Ms. Samantha Berman