• Parking Permit Information 2023-2024 

    Parking facilities are offered at Potomac Falls High School as a convenience to students who drive to school. Parking on school grounds is a privilege that may be granted by the Administration. Any student parking on school grounds is required to have a parking permit in their vehicle. To receive a parking permit, a Parking Permit application must be filled out, printed and signed by a parent/guardian and turned into the Safety and Security Office. By turning in a signed application, you agree to abide by the following rules:

    * Students must always have a valid driver’s license on them.
    * Students must register any vehicle (up to 2) which will be parked on school property.
    * Parking permit must be visible and hung on the backside of the rear-view mirror.
    * The use of another student’s parking permit is prohibited and will result in disciplinary consequences.
    * Once on school grounds, students will not be allowed to leave until school is dismissed or student has an early dismissal/early release.
    * Students may not sit in parked vehicles or linger in the parking area.
    * Traffic laws, school regulations, and normal safety procedures must always be observed.
    * The speed limit on school property is 10 miles per hour.
    * Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their passengers and the contents of their vehicles while on school grounds and while driving to and from school. Please keep your vehicle locked while on school grounds.
    * Cars parked on school property are subject to search under School Board Policy 8-2.
    * The penalty for illegal parking may result in disciplinary action and suspension of your driving privilege.

    * Vehicles that are improperly parked, blocking fire or driving lanes, or constitute a safety hazard, may be tagged, ticketed, booted, or towed at the expense of the owner – this includes those without a properly displayed parking permit.

    *Violations of any these guidelines may result in revocation of parking privilege and/or other disciplinary action with no refund of the parking permit. All rules and expectations apply when on school property.

    * All students 18 years of age must have parent permission unless otherwise approved by the administration.

    Students are required to attend a parking permit safety meeting prior to receiving a permit.
    Currently, Parking Permit Safety Meetings are in the process of being scheduled. When they are set, they will be posted here.  Parents are not required to attend.