Mental & Behavioral Health Services

  • Each school has a Pupil Services Student Support Team consisting of a School Counselor, School Social Worker, School Psychologist, Student Assistance Specialist, Health Clinic Specialist, Special Education Supervisor, School Nurse/health Clinic Specialist, Attendance Officer, and Behavioral Specialist.  The team is responsible for providing a continuum of prevention and intervention supports and services to address the social, emotional, and behavioral needs and to remove barriers to learning in the school environment.   

Screening for Mental Health

  • Free, online mental health screening

    The Suicide Prevention Alliance of Northern Virginia (SPAN) is a regional coalition of the Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax-Falls Church, Loudoun, and Prince William Community Services Boards (CSBs) and other groups in Northern Virginia.  As part of this partnership, SPAN provides a free and anonymous online screening tool using the following link:  This screening website also assists adults and adolescents in finding appropriate mental health care and support. 

Kognito Training for LCPS Educators

  • at-risk for elementary, middle and high school


    Today's students face increasing pressures that can lead to emotional distress, depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide.  As educators, we can take small steps to make a big difference.

    Through a partnership with the Suicide Prevention Alliance of Northern Virginia and Loudoun County's Community Services Board, LCPS has made available Kognito's At-Risk for Middle School, At-Risk for Elementary School, At-Risk for High School Educators, and Step In, Speak Up!, a virtual role-playing simulation to help educators learn to recognize the signs of distress, use conversations to approach a student and discuss our concerns, and, if necessary, refer parents/students to the appropriate resources.  The training simulations allow participants to assume the role of an adult interacting with a child or adolescent.  The simulations are interactive and dynamic with actions where participants receive real-time feedback on how well they are doing.

    Each one-hour online training lets you practice these challenging conversations at your own pace through role-play with emotionally-responsive virtual students.  The simulations are being made available at no-cost to LCPS educators. 

    • At-Risk for Middle School, At-Risk for Elementary School and At-Risk for High School Educators  are each one-hour online trainings to help concerned adults support youth who exhibit signs of psychological distress, including thoughts of suicide.
    • Step In, Speak Up! is a 30-minute online training to help concerned adults support youth who may be struggling due to harassment or exclusion related to sexual identity, sexual orientation or other differences.  

    To access this simulation:     

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    3. Technical support is available by email at 


Last Modified on May 16, 2017