Bioengineering Club

  • Engineering biological systems to solve real world problems is the focus of synthetic biology, bioengineering, and the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition.


    BRHS formed its first iGEM team in 2014-2015. Broad Run iGEM competed at the Jamboree in Boston, in September 2015.


    There were 280 collegiate and high school teams including colleges like UVA, William and Mary, MIT, Stanford, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, along with hundreds of schools from around the world at the iGEM competition.


    We are proud to say that the Broad Run-NorthernVA team came out as one of the top five iGEM teams in the world and the best team in the US!


    Broad Run iGEM also won Best Poster, Best Presentation, nominee for Best Wiki, and a Silver Medal.


    This past year we genetically engineered yeast to solve an industrial wastewater problem, working closely with a global industry manufacturer.


     If you like being creative, have a good work ethic, and think you may enjoy engineering genetic parts to achieve a useful function to solve a real world problem, talk to us and check us out!


    Interested in the Bioengineering Club? Email us at brhsiGEM@gmail.com or contact Ms. Kezmarsky.