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     Our association was established as a forum for young adults. Throughout the year, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) plans to attend and host multiple events, fundraisers, and tournaments. Our most important event of the year will be the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament.
    What is the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament?
    Their mission is to bring high school students together to develop leadership, promote communication, and inspire creativity while gaining a deeper understanding of Islam and Muslims. They do this through their annual regional and national tournaments. MIST was founded in 2002 by a teenage girl in Houston, Texas and now takes place in 18 regions across North America and the UK. Their 2017 regional tournaments brought in over 6,000 high school students as competitors and hundreds of volunteers, judges, and coaches.
    They are dedicated to empowering high school students by giving them a venue to:
     Develop confidence and professionalism by practicing presentation, public speaking, and problem solving skills
     Meet and network with diverse peers who share the same talents and interests
     Express their thoughts and ideas through various creative mediums
     Learn strategies to deal with stereotypes and prejudices against Islam and Muslims
     In order to attend MIST, you must be an active member.
     Active Member Requirements:
    1. Can only miss up to 2 meetings per quarter (email or text ahead of time if you are unable to attend).
    2. Must pay membership dues of $20 (if you are unable to pay the membership dues, please email rockridgehsmsa@outlook.com to be waived).
    3. Must host or help host at least one fundraising bake sale at ADAMS Center per quarter (or whenever needed).
    Contact Information
    Sign up for Rock Ridge MSA's Remind-
    Text @h6dfba to 81010 to sign up. This is the fastest way to receive updates on MSA and the fastest way to get a reply- simply text your message to the same number you receive updates from.
    Add yourself to the mailing list-
    Email rockridgehsmsa@outlook.com with your full name, email addresses of you and your parents, grade, and position (if applicable). Make sure to regularly check your email for important announcements and documents.
    Donations are greatly appreciated! If you are interested in donating to the Rock Ridge MSA, please email rockridgehsmsa@outlook.com
    Position Openings
     Send weekly emails
     Keep track of meetings and record what happens during them
     Contact people when needed
     Meet weekly with president to update
     Keep all of MSA’s money
     Maintain records of money going in and going out
     Set budgets for various activities and events
     Meet weekly with president to update
    Fundraising Coordinator
     Assign people to host or help host bake sales each month at ADAMS Center
     Plan fundraisers
     Meet monthly with president to update
    MIST Coordinator
     Organize who is participating in which competition
     Keep MIST sponsor updated and in contact
     Meet weekly with president to update (two months before MIST and during MIST) and monthly otherwise.
     Design whatever the club requires: shirts, banners, posters, etc
     Meet with president weekly ONLY during projects
    Technology Specialist
     Provide an active phone number to be contacted at
     Assist anyone in need of technology assistant
     Transfer designer’s ideas into a digital display
    If you are interested in applying to any of the above positions, please email rockridgehsmsa@outlook.com with the following:
    - Full Name
    - Grade
    - Why you think you are a good candidate for the position
Last Modified on October 5, 2017