Professional Biography

    Falcon Image  Tess Webb (Keely)
     Math/Learning Specialist

    My name is Tess Keely and this is my 7th year at Briar Woods High School. I am also a 2008 graduate of Briar Woods! I received my Bachelor's degree from Christopher Newport in Communications and earned my Masters degree in Special Education at George Mason University. This year I am teaching Algebra 1 Part 1, Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Algebra II. This year will also be my 6th year coaching cheerleading at Briar Woods. GO FALCONS!

    My 2018-19 Schedule:

     1st  Geometry   5th   Algebra 2
     2nd  Study hall  6th  Algebra 1 Part 1
     3rd  Geometry   7th  Advanced Algebra
      4th   Algebra 1 Part 1   8th  Department Planning
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    Extra Curricular Positions

    Varsity Assistant Cheerleading coach - bwhsports.org

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