• FHS World Languages and Cultures faculty 

    2019 - 2020  

    Lauren Holesapple
    American Sign Language 2, 3 
    American Sign Language honor society 
    John Jones
    American Sign Language 1, 4 Dual Enrollment 
    Sharyn Meneau
    French 1, 2 
    Valerie Gloger
    French 3, 4 Honors, 5 Honors, Advanced Placement 
    French club, honor society 
    Lauren Krause  German 1, 2, 5 Honors, Advanced Placement 
    Natalie Schröter 
    German 3, 4 Honors 
    Denise Johnson
    Latin 1, 2, 3 
    Damian Tremblay Chair
    Latin 4 Honors, 5 Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement 
    Latin honor society 
    Brandon Chambers
    Spanish 1, 3 
    Lauren Shoemaker
    Spanish 2, 3 
    Spanish Honor Society 
    Gloria Monge
    Spanish 2, 4 Honors 
    Denise Johnson Spanish 3 
    Roxana Gosman Spanish 3, Advanced Placement 
    Laura Williams Spanish 4 Honors, 5 Honors 
    World Languages Tutoring  

    Peer tutors are available in the Academic Support Center 
    Tutoring requests 
    Virginia Governor's Foreign Language Academies  

    Parent-Student and School applications, guides and tests 
    Testing date (January)  pending 
    Student applications due typed and printed  (14 December)  
    Teacher recommendations due in print or electronically  (14 December)  
    Presentation with links to guides, applications, contacts, requirements, testing samples, timline  (2019) 
    World Languages and Cultures Department 
    Office of Teaching and Learning  

    Directory and resources 
    Seal of Bi-literacy 

    As of the fall semester in 2016, Freedom High School offers senior students the opportunity to qualify for the Virginia Board of Education's distinction, the Seal of Bi-literacy, on their diploma.  Seniors must meet and comply with the assessment(s), criteria, languages and window set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Education and Loudoun County Public Schools.  Students may apply through the World Languages department chair and/or the Counseling department.  Please refer questions to the Counseling director or department chair.   
    Credit through Testing 

    As of the fall semester in 2017, Freedom High School offers eligible junior and senior students the opportunity to qualify for the two (2) credits of a World Language course (levels one and two) through approved testing of written proficiency in available languages.  Registration is due before 26 October.  Students who pass will also earn the Virginia Seal of Bi-literacy.  Students may apply through the World Languages department chair and/or the Counseling department.  Please refer questions to the Counseling director or department chair.   
    Curriculum Night
    Thursday, 17 January 2018 

     American Sign Language
    Universities outside of Virginia which accept ASL in fulfillment of language requirements 
    Reasons to study ASL 
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