Science Olympiad

  • A national Division C team for Science Olympiad that competes in dozens of events

    In order to advance and develop science education, the primary mission of VASO (Virginia Science Olympiad) is to:

    • Increase K-12 student interest and success in the sciences
    • Improve community perception of science and recognize talented students and dedicated teachers in science education through teamwork and competition
    • Conduct events so as to improve the quality of science education
    • Organize regional and state VASO tournaments and provide encouragement and information to potential participants
    • Encourage and develop relationships between science educators, science students and science-related industry
    • Represent and cooperate with National Science Olympiad
    • Provide financial support through fundraising efforts for the foregoing purposes
    • Coordinate with commonwealth and local agencies and organizations to promote and build support for VASO
Science Olympiad: Exploring the World of Science