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    Drama Club is an excellent club which encourages students to utilize the performing arts of acting, singing and dancing in a non-competitive way. Students will enjoy learning some great theatre games, acting methods, working on overcoming stage fright and have the opportunity to lead the club as a club officer.  Those wishing to be considered for an officer position should prepare a 1 minute speech explaining the reasons, or attributes they can offer the club as a leader.  All members will also have opportunities to perform on stage, offer ideas for the annual club T-shirt and learn how important theatre arts are to the greater Broadlands community.  Being a member of the ERMS Drama Club is a wonderful experience and often allows students to become more self confident and hone their theatrical skills in a safe, risk-free environment while learning respect for each other and the space.  More information will be coming out regarding how to signup for this amazing club! This club is open to all ERMS students!