• IMPACK - Inclusion, Motivation, Perseverance, Altruism, Compassion, Kinship
    IMPACK Awards:Quarterly recognition of students who demonstrate characteristics of our Timber Wolf Pledge. Students will receive a pennant, paw print pin, and coupon from Haute Dog & Fries in recognition of the award.
      Inclusion: Inviting and including others in a group and welcoming others' ideas. We celebrate our differences in our pack.
      Motivation: Taking initiative and exhibiting desire to learn in and outside of the classroom. We help ourselves and others to feed the "good wolf." 
      Perseverance: Determined and dedicated in response to obstacles faced in and outside of the classroom. We demonstrate a growth mindset in response to our struggles.
      Altruism: Feeding the good wolf for the benefit of the pack. We make sure that what we say and what we do is thoughtful, helpful, kind, necessary, and inspiring.
      Compassion: Helping others in need in and outside of the classroom. Keeping others' feelings in mind when making decisions; putting oneself in another Wolf's shoes.
      Kinship: Respecting and honoring the kinship created at Trailside. We all come from different backgrounds and may not be friends with everyone, but we establish common bonds and understandings from being part of the Trailside community. We celebrate our commonalities.
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