• Spectrum

    Erin Dollery - 6th and 7th Grade

    Laura Richardson - 7th and 8th Grade 


    The service offered to gifted students at the middle school level in Loudoun County is called Spectrum. Most students who participate in the Spectrum program at the middle school level were identified in the 3rd grade, participated in the FUTURA program during 4th and 5th grade, and moved on to the Spectrum program in middle school. Those students who move into our school district during the middle school years are identified by a multi-faceted process involving standardized test scores, and student portfolios.

    For information regarding eligibility, please contact one of the gifted resource teachers or visit the LCPS Gifted website.

    The Spring referral window is open from 1/2/24 - 3/1/24. Please contact one of the gifted resource teachers (Mrs. Dollery or Mrs. Richardson) if you would like a referral form. The referral form is also available on the division gifted services page.

    Anyone interested in enrichment opportunities, please join the ERMS Enrichment group.     

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