• LCPS secondary schools now operate on a fixed A and B day calendar.  This means that all school days are designated either an A day or a B day at the beginning of the school year, and that designation does not change, even if school is closed due to the weather or other emergency.  When students return to school, the A/B designation for that date will be the same as if the closing never happened.
    Example:  Suppose Wednesday is an A day, and Thursday is a B day.  It snows on Monday, and school is closed.  When students return to school on Thursday, it is a B day.  (In previous years, Thursday would have been an A day.)
    In an average school year, a roughly equal number of A and B days can be expected to be missed due to emergency closings.  Should an exceptional year occur and significantly more of one type of day is missed than the other, LCPS administrative staff will decide if and how adjustments to the A/B designations will be made.
Last Modified on September 14, 2023