Ms. Cain is standing on top of a mountain in early spring, holding her small dog and smiling.
  • 7th Grade Life Science

    I live in the Sterling area with one small dog and two big cats.  I love animals, science, hiking, and nature of all kinds!  I used to be a vet tech for over six years.

  • Contact Information


    Twitter:  @LCPSCain

    You may email me at any time.  I generally check email frequently until approximately 4 p.m., and then a few times in the evening.  For phone conferences or in-person conferences, please schedule through ParentVue or contact your child’s counselor.  

    Grading Policies

    Tests, quizzes, and projects are 80% of the total grade.  Classwork, quick checks, and labs are worth 20% of the total grade.  Formative assessments such as homework may be collected, scored, and recorded in the gradebook, but the grade received does not count for any part of the final grade and is merely a way to track progress.

    Per LCPS policy, all grades will be posted within 10 days of the due date.  Students may retake any assessment within 2 weeks after the due date but cannot score above 80% on the retake.

    Classroom Policies

    • Students should come to class with a pencil, their homework folder, and their Chromebook charged overnight.  We also recommend that they bring colored pencils or Crayola Twistables, scissors, and a glue stick but these items are not required.
    • If students miss work, they are responsible for making it up.  Any work not turned in on time will be regarded as missing. Students’ names will be added to the Missing Work board and removed when work is completed.  Students may retake assignments or make up work in the morning, during resource, during lunch by appointment, or during class once they have finished their current work.

    Study Group Availability

    If your child needs additional help or time to make up assignments, there are Study Groups available at 7:45 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  They need to ask for a House B pass in order to be let into the building.

    Additional Info

    • We will be going to the DC zoo on Tuesday, March 31st and Wednesday, April 1st this spring.  Be on the lookout for online permission forms!


    • 1st quarter: Science safety, measurement, cells

    • 2nd quarter: Cell processes, DNA, genetics

    • 3rd quarter: Evolution, classification, domains, Eukaryotic kingdoms

    • 4th quarter: Ecology, ecosystems, biomes