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    Mr. David Bell

    Mr. Bell 7th Grade US History

    Welcome To American History 1865-Present!!


    Mr. Bell is entering his 12th year in teaching and his second at Harmony Middle School. He earned his Bachelor's degree and teaching certification from Bridgewater College in Bridgewater Virginia. He has previously in Augusta County, Virginia and in Loudoun at Seneca Ridge MS, Dominion HS, and now at Harmony MS.

    Staying Informed

    I post my assignments in Google Classroom. The calendar is available below.

    Parents, you can receive Guardian Summaries from Classroom about your child's progress. If you have not received an invitation from me within the first full week of school with your child's name and mine on it, please email me (insert email link here).

    Grades are posted in Phoenix, which you can access through ParentVue

    Did you forget when an assignment was due? Check here.


    A Day Planning: Block 4

    B Day Planning: Block 5

    Here are handouts, study guides, and directions for projects. This folder would be set as Public so students and parents can access what is in there without signing in.

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