Behind the Wheel REGISTRATION Information

  •  How do I sign up for Behind the Wheel?
    Join the JCHS Behind the Wheel Registration course in Schoology using code QK7X-CCDX-596XD.  (Courses tab --> My Courses --> Join a Course)  


    Why take Behind the Wheel at JCHS?
    • Behind the Wheel at JCHS is taught by Loudoun County Public Schools staff members. More so than any private company, our instructors communicate with teenagers on a daily basis. Our instructors have ties to the JCHS community and care about our students and their families.
    • Behind the Wheel at JCHS is convenient. Our instructors will work to accommodate students’ busy schedules. We offer before-school, after-school, evening, and Saturday sessions to meet the needs of our students and their families.
    • Behind the Wheel at JCHS is affordable. In fact, we are THE MOST affordable option available, and by far the best value program you will find.
    • Behind the Wheel at JCHS is AVAILABLE! With more instructors on staff than ever before, you shouldn’t have to wait long at all to be scheduled.

    What do I need before I sign up for Behind the Wheel?

    • Valid Virginia learner’s permit
    • Completion of classroom Driver Education program (if currently enrolled in Driver Education at JCHS, students my concurrently enroll in Behind the Wheel with a JCHS instructor, provided they have completed 18 class periods with an “A” average) – Please note: If you completed Driver Education at a different school, we will need to get the “Certificate of Completion” from that school.
    • Students and parent(s) must complete the 45 hour log before student is eligible to receive their Temporary Driver’s License (Completion of a minimum of 25-30 hours is strongly encouraged before enrolling in Behind the Wheel)
    • Students and parent(s) must attend a “Parents for Safe Teen Driving” presentation.

    What to expect from the JCHS Behind the Wheel program:

    • A 7-day program designed to hone and assess the skills of student drivers.
    • Students MUST be paired with another student driver for all seven sessions. Students wishing to be paired with a friend should let Mr. Walker know when registering.
    • During each session, the student will spend half the time driving, and the other half observing another student driver. Students will receive instruction while driving and while observing.
    • Students will drive in various environments. Each session will be progressively more challenging than the last.
    • The seventh and final session will consist of the Road Skills Evaluation. If the student passes the evaluation, they will be eligible to receive their Temporary Driver’s License (students who meet all other requirements can receive their TDL at the conclusion of their evaluation/must be their licensing date).
    What do I need if I am driving with a Private Company?
    • Students wishing to take Behind the Wheel through a private company will need a DEC-8 pink card.  You must request your DEC-8 card using the JCHS Behind the Wheel Registration Schoology course (see above). It takes approximately 2 weeks to have this card mailed to you- so ask early! You must have attended the "Partners for Safe Teen Driving" presentation to get your certificate. This is required by the Code of Virginia.
  • Virginia Driver's License

  • Partner's in Safe Teen Driving

  • LCPS Driver's Education Information

Last Modified on January 14, 2022