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    Myron Curtis

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    Department:Social Sciences
    A Day: 4th block 2:22-3:48pm planning
    B Day: 6th block 10:35-12:08pm planning

    “ When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful ” -ET

    Note: All class assignments and resources can be found by accessing the links on the left hand side of this page. The link to my class blog  can be found at the bottom of this page.
    Classroom: 184 
    AP U.S./VA History - 11th grade
    Academic U.S./VA History - 11th grade 
    Academic World History I - 9th grade 
    Maroon "A" Days                                              Gold "B"Days                                                

    1st Block: Study Hall (Room 204B)                    5th Block: AP US History (Room 184)                                        
    2nd Block: AP US History (Room 184)              6th Block: Planning (Room 184)                                         

    3rd Block: World History I (Room 184)             7th Block: US/VA History (Room 184)

    4th Block: Planning                            8th Block: AP US History (Room 184)          

     Materials for courses:
    ** Recommended downloads - Aurasma, Kahoot, Polleverywhere, Twitter, Socrative, and Quizup 
    World History 1, and US/VA History SOL review game App for your iphone! click HERE to download

    Links to class blogs:
    US/VA History, APUSH, and WH1
    Daily Blog to keep you up to date on what we covered during class each day!
    Spartan Wideout Blog
    Drills, Diet, Workout, and study tips for the Spartan student athlete!

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    • Varsity Wide Receivers coach and Passing game coordinator 
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