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  • Loudoun County Public Schools wants to protect the safety and well-being of our students riding the school bus to and from school as we implement the hybrid model in stages. To do so, we have established a series of public health mitigation protocols for students and staff to follow.

    Students are required to wear face coverings on the bus. Bus drivers also are required to wear face masks and have been provided face shields to wear while loading and unloading students.

    Each student will have an assigned seat on the bus to and from school. The bus driver will have a seating chart. Whenever possible, students will be seated one to a seat in every other seat in alternating rows on each side of the bus. This will create a zig-zag pattern for maximum distancing. Students from the same household will be allowed to sit in the same seat. It may be necessary to seat students closer together sometimes.

    When students arrive at school, they will remain in their seats. Bus drivers will keep doors closed until receiving clearance from school staff who are conducting health screenings.
    Flexible arrival times are being allowed to accommodate arrival health screenings.

    At dismissal in elementary schools, staff will escort kindergartners and assist other students to their assigned buses. At dismissal in secondary schools, buses available for boarding will be announced and students dismissed accordingly.

    Each bus will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant spray after morning and afternoon runs. This will include wiping down all high-touch areas and seats.

    LCPS greatly appreciates families’ assistance in encouraging students to follow these measures.