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In Titan Territory, we recognize the importance of supporting all of our students. The proceeds from fundraisers are used in a manner that is consistent with the DHS mission to support each and every Titan and each and every Titan program. We have two fundraising models:
  • Activity Support Groups (ASGs) Fundraisers:  80% of the profit goes directly to the group that raises it; the other 20% to DHS.
  •  ATLAS Fundraisers:  100% goes to DHS.
ATLAS has established a Fundraising Oversight Committee to review proposed fundraising events to:
  • coordinate the calendar of fundraisers, making sure that the timing of fundraisers does not create a conflict, thereby canceling out the profitability of one or both activities and
  • consider whether there is liability of any type for the fundraising group(s), ATLAS, or DHS.
 If you have any questions, please contact the coach or sponsor of you Titan's activity or contact the ATLAS Board of Directors at
 1. Identify the need/objective with your sponsor.
3. Send the form to for review and approval.  Note: The approval process usually takes 2-3 days, unless further questioning is needed to clarify the proposal.
4. Submit the ATLAS Fundraiser Revenue and Expense Form and Fundraiser Post Appraisal Form to the ATLAS treasurer, Rachel Kim at 
Fundraising Proposal Form - Identify a financial request, fillout the Fundraising Proposal Form, and submit it to the ATLAS Fundraising Oversight Committee for consideration - You cannot conduct an ATLAS fundraiser without approval. 
ATLAS Fundraiser Revenue and Expense Form - This form is turned in to the ATLAS Treasurer to document the revenue and expenses of your fundraiser. 
Fundraiser Post Appraisal Form - Lets learn from our experience by completing the appraisal form after your fundraising event is completed.
Thank You Letter - Complete this letter and present it to the business or person who made a donation to your event or organization.
Certificate of Appreciation - This certificate can be completed and presented to a business as a way of thanking them for partnering with Dominion High School.
What is an Activity Support Group (ASG)?
An Activity Support Group is an affinity group of parents, coaches & sponsors, DHS student participants and other interested parties that form under the ATLAS umbrella. DHS does not have booster clubs in the classic sense. Instead, we are all considered Titan boosters. In addition to supporting our own students’ interests we also recognize the importance that all programs have toward the success of the Dominion community and therefore support the school as a whole.
Volunteer support and monetary support to supplement the Loudoun County Public Schools budget is coordinated through ATLAS. An ASG may form to support one or more specific activities like multiple sports teams, extracurricular activities or clubs. These groups will form to help support the need for (concessions & ticket) volunteers and support to raise funds to pay for a variety of things like uniforms, special equipment, travel, fees or dues, stipends, materials, food, etc..
ATLAS, a 501(c)(3) organization, has assumed the responsibility for raising the monies needed to support Dominion students in many of their athletic, artistic, scholastic, and extracurricular endeavors. Our success would not be possible without the dedicated support and hard work of many individuals always focused on this process.