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General Information

Loudoun County School of Practical Nursing

Monroe Technology Center

715 Childrens Center Rd. SW

Leesburg, VA  20175

571-252-2080 or 571-252-2082
703-771-6563 (FAX)


Faculty & Staff Roster: 
Eileen Axeman, RN, BSN, MSN
Program Director
Laurie Sanders, RN, BSN, MA 
Nursing II Instructor

Tonya Helman, RN, BS
Nursing II Instructor 

Susan Cypher, RN, BSN
Nursing I Instructor

Class of 2014

Loudoun County School


Practical Nursing


General Information

Registration for the Admissions Entrance Exam begins January 5, 2015

This program is open only to Loudoun County residents

1.    The program is eighteen months in length with a new class beginning each fall following the Loudoun County Public School calendar. PNI is the first nine months of the program and consists of classroom instruction at the Charles S. Monroe Technology Center, every other day or “A” day in the Loudoun County Public Schools System. Upon successful completion of PNI, students are admitted to PNII. Classes for PNII are held Monday through Friday for a total of 32 hours per week. PNII is a combination of classroom instruction at Monroe Technology Center and clinical experience at selected community facilities.

2.    Tuition for adults is approximately $1900.00 per year. Fees include a phlebotomy course, malpractice insurance, criminal background check, NCLEX review courses, school pin, lab fees, HOSA fees, First Aid Certification and graduation costs. Total cost of the program averages $3800.00 for all expenses. High school students are not required to pay tuition. Each student is required to purchase their own uniform, shoes and personal equipment such as a stethoscope and watch. Each student is strongly urged to carry health insurance due to the inherent risks involved with nursing. Health insurance is not provided by the school.

3.    Following completion of the program, graduates must apply to the Board of Nursing to sit for the NCLEX-PN licensing examination. Fees are paid directly to the Board and to the testing agency. Exams are given in many area locations throughout the year. Previous criminal convictions may require special investigation by the Board of Nursing for the applicant to be eligible to take the examination.


General Information for 2015 Applicants


1.     A committee of teachers, counselors, administrators and health care professionals selects applicants. Application completion deadline is April 17, 2015. The decision of this committee will be mailed to your home early May.

2.     Monroe Technology Center (MTC) uses the high school block schedule model. This means that classes will meet every other day from 9:15 until 3:15pm in the PN I year. MTC follows the Loudoun County Public School calendar.

3.     PN II classes currently meet at MTC 3 days a week. Clinical rotations are 2 days per week. The clinical sites and clinical days may vary widely EACH school year.

4.     High School Students must provide their own transportation to and from clinical rotations.

5.     All students are required to maintain a grade of 80% in EACH (not an average of 80%) of the nursing units at MTC. If the minimum grade is not maintained the student may be dismissed from the program. This nursing course (PN I) has rigorous requirements and course work equal to an Advanced Placement course in HS. Please take this into consideration when applying.

6.     After acceptance, an expense list will be mailed to your home. PNI tuition and expenses are approximately $1900.00 per year for adults. This money is due the first day of school. There are no refunds once classes have begun.

7.     After acceptance, along with the expense form, you will be mailed a health form. It is required that each student has a physical exam and a series of immunizations. The immunizations are standard for all healthcare workers and are detailed in the acceptance letter. Send copies of the immunizations record, and physical form to MTC by August 28, 2015. In an effort to help you plan your summer please note that the immunizations series may take a few months to complete. A flu vaccine is required for the student to be in a clinical facility each year.  This vaccine is typically obtained in October of the school year.

8.     After acceptance, the student must obtain a CPR certification card from the American Heart Association for Healthcare Providers. We will send a detailed letter of how the student will obtain this card during the summer of 2015. In most cases the high school student who has taken CPR through the public school system does not have the proper level of CPR that is required for working in a health care setting. If you already have the proper certification through your employer please make sure that your card will be valid for the TWO years that you are in nursing school. If it will expire before June 2017, please retake the CPR so that it will be valid for the next two years. You may also contact your local rescue squad for CPR instruction opportunities. If you do this please make sure that it is AHA for Healthcare providers! Send a copy of your CPR card in with your health physical and immunization record by August 28, 2015.

9.     After acceptance, the student will be required to pass a criminal background check before any clinical rotations. We schedule this the first month of school. There is nothing you need to do for this at this time. The fee for the background check will be reflected in your bill.

10.  After acceptance, the student will be required to complete a summer packet of math skills and medical terminology. This packet is due the first day of school.