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The CLARITY Parent Portal

Note:  The URL for the parent portal has changed for the 2013-2014 school year.  Please update any bookmarks with the correct address:
The CLARITY Parent Portal provides a real-time look at grade, assignment, and (for secondary schools) attendance information for your child.  Access to the CLARITY Parent Portal is provided by your child's school.  Necessary forms, contact information, and policies for your child's school are available on the school's CLARITY support page.  Use the search tool below to find the CLARITY page for your child's school, or go to the school's site and click the CLARITY tab at the top of the page.


CLARITY Parent Portal Resources 
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LCPS K-12 Assessment and Grading Common Expectations
LCPS Is Committed to Quality Assessment and Grading Practices whereby all teachers can design assessments that align with standards and provide feedback to improve student learning. 
The lists below are practices that are to be developed over time by all LCPS teachers.
Quality Assessment and Grading Practices
Assessment of student learning is an essential component of the teaching and learning process. 

1.  Quality assessment involves timely feedback embedded in the learning experience.

2.  A variety of formative assessment is included in each lesson in order to adjust instruction and move students to learning targets/standards.

3.  Summative assessments are linked to standards within content areas.

4.  Quality assessment ensures that students are involved in and parents are informed of the process.

5.  Common assessment and grading practices requires collaborative effort among teachers.

6.  Grades reflect student mastery, multiple efforts, and student growth within a grade level or subject area.

7.  Learning progressions are available for use as scaffolds for learning and instruction.
Using the CLARITY parent portal, teachers communicate to students and parents how assignments, assessments, and grades are tied to intended learning targets. Best practice suggests:

1.  All teachers regularly update their grade book(s), including:
a. Posting assignments and assessments as assigned.
b. Providing useful course/assignment descriptions. 
c. Recording grades every ten instructional days. 
d. Linking no more than 2-3 standards to a single assessment.

2.  All teachers will communicate assessment/grading practices and provide an overview of curriculum content within the course narrative.

3.  Local teaching staff aligns grading practices within school parameters regarding weighting, retesting, types of assignments and assessments etc.

4. School-wide assessment and grading expectations are posted on the CLARITY parent portal page of each school. 
Last Modified on October 9, 2013