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           Welcome to FUTURA at K.W.C. !
We are enjoying an exciting year, with "Structures" as our curriculum theme.
"Meet & Greet"
We will visit our students at their home schools during the first week of school, and also meet with Culbert FUTURA students. They will be given information to take home. Be sure to ask them for it! Please have your child return the last page, to let us know if you can attend our Parent Orientation, so we know approximately how many people to expect.
FUTURA Parent Orientation  
     On Tuesday, September 23, we will have a meeting for parents of ALL our FUTURA students.
It will be held here at KWC from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.  Come and find out what your child will be exploring during the "STRUCTURES" year
          MONDAY:        Frances Hazel Reid 4th & 5th
          TUESDAY:       Hillsboro 4th/5th,  Mountain View 4th/5th,  Lovettsville 4th/5th
          WEDNESDAY: Lincoln 4th/5th,  Banneker 4th/5th, 
                                  Aldie 4th/5th,     Waterford 4th/5th
          THURSDAY:    Catoctin 4th/5th,  Frederick Douglass 4th/5th
           FRIDAY:          Kenneth Culbert 4th/5th,  Hamilton 4th/5th
  • BUS:  On your child's FUTURA day, students go to their home school and their classroom, as usual. Soon thereafter, they are bused to our school (KWC) for FUTURA and remain with us until 1:30 p.m., at which time they board the bus and go back to their home school.
  • WHAT TO BRING TO FUTURA:  Easy to remember! Bring your FUTURA binder and 1 or 2 pencils. (We run out of pencils quickly!) Students who were in FUTURA last year should bring their binders AND the dividers (please take out all the papers at home). If you have a sack lunch and/or a snack, bring that too. Bookbags & backpacks aren't necessary, but may be brought if the student wishes. Students won't have time to use their school books. Of course, they may bring a book to read during lunch or recess.
  • LUNCH:  Our lunch time is from 12:10 to 12:40. They'll undoubtedly be hungry long before that, and we will have a mid-morning snack time, so we suggest that they bring something. Sharing is not allowed, because of allergies. Students can bring lunch or buy it in the cafeteria. If they have a lunch account at their own school, they simply use their ID number to "charge" it to that account (or they can bring money, of course.) Please put money in an envelope with the student's name and the amount enclosed.
  • MEDICATIONS:  Parents can give a medication to our school nurse or to your child's FUTURA teacher.  PLEASE NOTE:  Do not send medication with your child. It's against the law!
  • ELECTRONIC ITEMS:  If a student has a cell phone or other electronic device in his/her back pack, it may not be taken out during school unless the teacher has approved it for an educational purpose. It may NOT be taken out at recess or lunch.
  • ABSENCES:  Please call or email us if your child is going to be absent.(numbers below)
  • OUR WISH LIST:  We VERY much appreciate donations of the following items,which are needed throughout the entire year:                                                                                                                                            
            Paper towels
            Boxes of Tissues
            Baby Wipes (for erasing & cleaning the whiteboard)
            Straws - preferably STRAIGHT, not flexible
 A FUTURA student is expected.....
  • To participate actively in tasks and projects   
  • To develop and use plans
  • To solve complex problems
  • To think creatively
  • To use critical thinking - reasoning and logic
  • To be flexible and accept change
  • To collaborate with fellow students
  • To persevere - be persistent in difficult tasks
  • To have good manners and behave properly
  • To be kind and tolerant of others                     
                                                                                                                                                                       Please let us know if you have expertise in any of the areas we explore this year with STRUCTURES as our theme. We - and our students - very much enjoy having parents share their knowledge and experiences in engineering, architecture, building, designing, community planning, and other structure-related topics.
Or call Culbert school:  540-751-2540
Thank you!
Ms. Rodecker  and  Mrs. Manion 
Last Modified on March 28, 2015