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Welcome to FUTURA at K.W.C. !!!   
We are enjoying an exciting year, 
with Systems as our curriculum theme.
FUTURA Assessments were given to students during the first week of February. Assessments are given at the end of the 1st semester and 2nd semester. The final Assessment is given out the last week of FUTURA, in June.
Please call or send an email to Ms. Rodecker or Mrs. Manion if you have questions or desire a conference.
KWC SCHOOL:  (540) 751-2540 


 Our FUTURA Schedule:


MONDAY:    Francis Hazel Reid

TUESDAY:     Lovettsville & Mountain View

WEDNESDAY:   Emerick and Waterford

THURSDAY:   Hamilton, Hillsboro, Lincoln, and KWC

FRIDAY:  DCI/Renzulli

(Please note this is an LCPS POLICY)
Thursday Jan. 23rd  (follow a Monday Schedule)
Friday Feb. 21st  (follow a Monday Schedule)
Thursday Apr. 3rd  (follow a Monday Schedule)
Friday May 30th   (follow a Monday Schedule) 


LUNCH:  Our lunch time is 11:45 - 12:15.  Students may bring lunch or buy it in our cafeteria. If they have a lunch account at their own school, they simply use their ID number to “charge” it to that account, or they may bring money. Please put money in an envelope with the child’s name and amount enclosed.


MEDICATIONS:   DON'T EVER send medication with your child. It's against the law!  Give it to your child's teacher or your school's Health Clinic Assistant, or bring it yourself to the Health Clinic Nurse at Culbert.
WHAT TO BRING TO FUTURA EACH WEEK:    Easy to remember: 
The FUTURA binder & 1 or 2 pencils, and lunch box or sack (unless buying.)        
         4th graders and students new to FUTURA were given a 3-ring binder plus dividers, to use exclusively for FUTURA. Students may bring their own binder, if they prefer. It should have a clear pocket on the front cover.
         Students who were in FUTURA last year use their same binder this year.
ELECTRONIC ITEMS:  If a student has a cell phone and/or other electronic device in his/her back pack, it may not be taken out while at school, unless they have been given permission, such as for a class project.    
BOOKBAGS & BACKPACKS:  IT IS NOT NECESSARY for students to bring their school textbooks to FUTURA. They may bring books to read during lunch or recess. 


We STILL very much appreciate donations of the following
 items, which are needed throughout the entire year:
  • Paper Towels
  • Boxes of Tissues 
  • Baby Wipes (for erasing & cleaning the whiteboard)              
Email  or
   Or call Culbert school:  540-751-2540
Thank you,
Mrs. Manion and Ms. Rodecker




Last Modified on March 9, 2014