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Social Science & Global Studies Academic Awards and Celebration  
Farah Al-Khafaji Farah Al-Khafaji was born and raised in Babylon, Iraq. She established an engineering firm in 2003 that began supporting American forces by designing and constructing military helipads, security barriers, and roads. Her firm also supplied security equipment for base security throughout the country.  Amongst other high level contributions, Farah provided security Hussein era. There were zero casualties at all of the locations Farah’s company supported.  As a result of Farah’s support for the U.S. forces and the new political and social order in Iraq, in 2006 Farah was assaulted, her father was kidnapped and her husband was murdered.  Despite such dreadful tragedies, Farah’s inner strength and courage empowered her to stand tall and continue supporting the mission of U.S. and Iraqi forces fighting for self-determination and civil rights in Iraq.  Farah increased her support by serving as a linguist for senior members of the Iraqi government and U.S. military.  In 2012, Farah and her 2 children were awarded sanctuary in the United States, where they could begin a new life in peace.  Farah is in the process of earning her U.S. citizenship and is married to a U.S. Naval Commander. She resides in the Washington D.C. area.  Farah has been featured in several media outlets and has continued to speak out for the causes of peace and freedom in Iraq.
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