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BRMS Music Department
 Jan Newman, Department Chair & Band 
Bill Baber, Chorus & General Music
 Jen Galang, Guitar & Band
Daniel Beder, Orchestra

Chorus and Music Lab
Chorus and Music Lab students are not required to purchase materials or books for their class.  Chorus students will need to purchase a music shirt to wear for all performances.   Please check the Blue Ridge Middle School website for more information about Chorus and Music Lab. 


Guitar Information  

Guitar Level 2 materials 

Method Book:  First Year Guitar-H.O.T. Hands On Training by Nancy Lee Marsters (book with CD ISBN# 0-9774433-6-1, book only  ISBN# 0-9774433-5-3)


Ensemble Book:  Jerry Snyder’s Guitar School Ensemble Book 1  (ISBN# 0-7390-1282-7)


We will continue to use our footstools and tuners.  If you cannot find yours, you will need to replace it before the start of school.


We will be discussing the use of picks and capons next year.  Students will need to provide their own pick, however, I will have a classroom set of capons for students to use.



Guitar Level 1 materials

Welcome to guitar!  I am looking forward to a terrific year of plucking, strumming and general music making!  Below is a list of the materials you will need in order to have a successful first year in guitar class.

                1.  standard size classical guitar with nylon strings (in a case)

                2.  guitar footstool

                3.  guitar tuner (battery operated)

                4.  battery for the guitar tuner (it’s good to have an extra battery)

                5.  an extra set of nylon guitar strings

                6.  music stand (for home practice)

                7.  a luggage style name tag (attach to the handle of the guitar case)

                8.  guitar books for class


  **The guitar book for class is Jerry Snyder's Method Book 1.  Books will need to be purchased at the music store.  You might want to call ahead and see if the store has the book in stock before you make a trip.  Take this list with you to the music store to be sure you purchase all of the supplies your child needs.  Local music stores who carry these things are Shamrock Music Shoppe in Purcellville, Melodee Music in Leesburg and Sterling; Music and Arts in Sterling.  Electric guitars and steel string guitars are not appropriate for use in class.


If you child already has a guitar, be sure it is in proper playing condition before school begins.  By the second class, students should bring their guitar, tuner, and footstool to school each day their guitar class meets.  *Please be sure that everything is labeled with your child’s first and last name.  We will be using a classroom set of guitars to start.


Band Information  

8th Grade Band

Students will not need to purchase a method book for class.  The supply list for 8th grade is the same as that for 7th grade.  See below.


7th Grade Band 

  • Method books for all students
  • Essential Elements, Book two
  • Rhythm and Technique book (from this year)
  • Percussionists need the following:

1pr. Vic Firth wood tip snare sticks size 2B

1pr. Timpani mallets

1 Stick bag

  • Students playing oboe, clarinet and saxophone need to have 3 working reeds at all times. (Mitchell Lurie for clar. & Van Doren for saxophones)
  • Brass players will need valve oil and slide grease.


6th Grade Band

  • BRASS, WOODWIND and PERCUSSION players will need the following books:
Essential Elements 2000, book 1.

Percussionists will also need a snare drum kit, including the bell set.

  • BRASS players who will be renting an instrument through the school will need the following mouthpieces
                      Tuba:  size 24 AW
                      Baritone:  size 6 ½ AL
                  French  Horn:  size Bach 11
  • All other brass instruments rented from the music store will come with mouthpieces.  All brass players will need to provide their own valve oil and slide grease.
  • Clarinet players will need size 2 reeds.
  • Saxophone players will need size 2½  reeds.
  • Oboe players will need soft strength reeds.
  • All reed players always need to have at least 3 well-working reeds at all times.
  • PERCUSSIONISTS will need to have 1 pair of Vic Firth wood tip sticks size 2B.  This is not optional. The proper sticks are required for class. They will also need a pair of mallets for the bells. 


                Mr. Daniel Beder is the Orchestra Director at Blue Ridge Middle School.