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Last Updated: June 24, 2011 

Take a Summer Reading Roadtrip !    
In an effort to promote summer reading fun and the English Department's extra-credit summer reading assignment, Park View Librarians urge students to "Take a Summer Reading Roadtrip" to good books.

PVHS Library's
Starting June 13, PVHS students were able to checkout as many books as they wanted for the entire summer. The Library Media Center had shopping bags waiting (and a number filling up!) for students who wanted to keep reading throughout the summer months.


Working collegially with the PVHS English teachers, the library featured a display of suggested titles for students entering grades 9-12 and encouraged students to "Take a Summer Reading Roadtrip." Park View students can get ideas for summer reading on the SUGGESTED HIGH SCHOOL READING LIST from Loudoun County Public Schools. The list includes a short assignment that students may complete for extra credit.  In fact, the PVHS English department has offered to give extra credit to any student who keeps track of his/her summer reading and shares this with their English teacher in the fall.


The list of suggested titles for summer reading is also available in the Library Media Center which will be operating during summer school hours. However, students do not need to select a title from the suggested list in order to get extra credit for next year's English class. This assignment is due by the fall interims, but if you get this assignment late in the summer, you may talk to your teacher about setting another due date.Keep reading this summer!

Another great way to keep reading over the summer is to participate in Loudoun County Public Library’s summer reading program.  The theme this year is “Tales from the Web”.  There will be a kickoff event at the Sterling Library Monday June 20, 2011 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with activities for ages 3-18.  To find out more about
"Tales from the Web"activities for Teens 12-18, visit the Loudoun County Public Library Website.



Whatever you do, be sure to:  

Spend those lazy, hazy days on a Summer Reading Roadtrip !

Next Week ~
National Library Week
Create Your Own Story
@  your PVHS Library !
Keep Creating Your Own Story @ Your PVHS Library ! 
the importance of library programs
in Loudoun County Public Schools during
National Library Week !
First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a country-wide campaign promoted by the American Library Association (ALA) and individual libraries each April. This year, Park View will celebrate National Library Week  April 11-15 as we join other school and public libraries in communities across the nation in celebratingPark View Library's National Library Week bookmark...Come to the library and pick one up! free public access to information sources from books and magazines to eBooks, audiotapes to computer databases, and DVDs to ready-reference materials. National Library Week is also a time to pay tribute to the educational, civic and cultural contributions of libraries, librarians, library support staff and our vital library volunteers. In other words, it is the ideal time to keep "Creating YOUR Story @ YOUR PVHS Library".

As a special treat during National Library Week, teen lit author Chris Crutcher will visit our school.  Mr. Crutcher is an award-winning author who has written such books as Whale Talk, Athletic Shorts, and Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes.  As part of Loudoun County Public Library’s “it’s all write” short story contest, Mr. Crutcher is visiting the area and will stop by Park View on Monday April 11th.  Students will gather in the back of the library to hear Mr. Crutcher speak about his books and what it is like to be an author. 

Following their win at the Semi-final Competition in the Loudoun County Eastern division, PVHS Battle of the Books team members gathered outside the school to paint the Rock with this year's National Library Week graphics--a mobile of life choices that help create the story of your life.

Park View Celebrates Teen Read Week October 18-22!!

Books with Beat @ your PVHS library

This year the festivities centers on the theme "Books with Beat @ Your PVHS Library." Teen Read Week will conclude in the hallway outside the PVHS Librarywith the Park View's
11th Annual Rock "n" Read-a-Thon.

11th Annual PVHS Library Rock 'n' Read-a-Thon

Students and staff will read for 15 minute stints while seated in rocking chairs and nibbling on Oreos. Students can come from PRIDE period or with their classes to spend a few minutes relaxing. Special passes will be available from PRIDE teachers to be signed before coming to the library.

Library Launches "Tree of Knowledge" Fundraiser
at PVHS Back to School Night

Mrs. Rush and Mrs. Fisher wait for Library's
Parents look at
Parent purchases magazine subscription for the library.
The PVHS Library held its first "Tree of Knowledge" fundraiser at this year's Back to School Night. Thanks to all the parents and teachers who have already selected "Magazine Leaves" to sponsor magazine subscriptions for this school year.
You can help the PVHS Library provide MORE MAGAZINES for students to read by sponsoring a "subscription leaf" during the Library's Tree of Knowledge fundraiser!

Want to help the library? It’s not too late! In these tough budget times, PVHS’s periodical subscriptions have had to be reduced. Help get interesting reads into the hands of students by sponsoring a magazine subscription. Sponsorship involves choosing a magazine title (from a list available in the library) and paying for the cost of a year’s subscription. When the magazine arrives in the library each month, a label will be placed on the front in recognition of your sponsorship. See a librarian to donate. The library truly appreciates all those sponsors who committed to paying for a subscription at Back to School Night via our “Tree of Knowledge”.

Library Media Center Starts the New School Year with Apples for the Students:
"A Book a Day, Keeps Boredom at Bay"
Library's opening fall reading promotion display.
The Park View Library opened in September with a display of best teen books suggesting PVHS students "Keep Boredom at Bay" by "Reading a Book a Day".
Library welcomes students back to school

Library welcomes PVHS students back to school this fall.

The Park View Library Media Center opened its doors this year with an emphasis on the Reading at Park View. “A book a Day...Keeps Boredom at Bay” is the theme of our fall reading promotion displays. New books denoted at best "Teen Reads" are showcased as the students are welcomed back to school.

This slogan is festooned on giant 3-D apples over th bookcases in the fiction section. The display also features the chrysanthemums and baskets of apples.
Robot display suggests

"Reading takes you to INFINITY & BEYOND" display features robots.

Elsewhere in the library, the first exhibit in our lighted display case declares that "Reading Takes You to INFINITY & BEYOND"! It is decorated with Buzz Lightyear, Star Wars action figures an R2-D2 robot and Lego Starwars robots, starships and figures. Books on robots, robotics and Star Wars are featured.
On September 13, the PVHS Literacy Committee sponsored a Book Fair in the foyer during Back to School Night. Proceeds will support student literacy programs, including buying new books for the Sustained Silent Reading program and the library.
Selections included book for English and Social Science AP classes, this PVHS Book Fairyear's Battle of the Book titles and popular teen reads. Before the evening began and during breaks between the "classes," parents and students dropped to browse and buy books for themselves and their PVHS students. We want to thank all the students, parents and teachers who came to the Book Fair and supported our efforts to promote student reading at Park View.
The PVHS library has been swirling with activity from the “first bell” this year. In fact, on the very first day of school teachers started bringing classes to the library to select books for Sustained Silent Reading. Now, the librarians are in the middle of presenting a comprehensive two-day Library Media Center Orientation for Ninth Grade English classes featuring both physical and virtual resources available to every student. Starting their high school careers with a complete knowledge of available resources (for research or pleasure) puts students on the path to achieve their highest academic and personal potential and the ability to locate and use this information helps them become effective life-long learners.