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Eligibility Services

When parents suspects that his or her child has an educational disability, they should contact your child's school.  For preschool age children (ages 2 through 5), please contact Loudoun County Public Schools' Child Find Center at 571-252-2180 to schedule an appointment.
When a child is referred for an evaluation for special education services or Section 504 accommodations, an Eligibility Coordinator manages the Referral, Evaluation, Eligibility, and Reevaluation processes under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 
For assistance in understanding the special education process, parents should refer to the Virginia Department of Education's publication A Parent's Guide to Special Education in English or Spanish
Parents are also encouraged to contact the LCPS Parent Resource Center at 571-252-2185 or visit the Special Education Advisory Committee website for additional information.
You may also refer to the Virginia Department of Education's online guide Your Family's Special Education Rights to help you understand your rights and responsibilities. This publication is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, Farsi, Korean, and Vietnamese languages.
Frequently Asked Questions


Who may refer a child for special education services?


Anyone, including parents, teachers, and administrators, may refer a child suspected of having a disability to the school's Child Study Team. After the Multi-Purpose Referral s received by the special education contact at the school, a Child Study Team meeting will be scheduled and take place within 10 business days.  The team will review records and other performance evidence of the child in order to make recommendations to meet the child's educational and behavioral needs. 


How are preschoolers assessed?


Preschoolers are screened by Speech-Language Pathologists and Early Childhood Special Education teacher at the Child Find Center.  If the Child Find screening team suspects a disability due to concerns about a child's development, the child is referred for evaluation and eligibility for special education services.

What happens during the 65 business days prior to the eligibility meeting?
  • Evaluations are scheduled and conducted during the school day.
  • You are invited to schedule an appointment with the psychologist and/or educational diagnostician to review the results of the testing. 
  • All evaluation reports will be made available to you at your child's school no later than two business days before the eligibility meeting.
  • Evaluation reports for preschool aged children referred by Child Find will be available at the Loudoun County Public Schools Administration Building (21000 Education Court, Ashburn, VA 20148).
  • Approximately three weeks before the eligibility meeting, you will receive a letter inviting you to the eligibility meeting that states the date and time of the meeting.
What will happen in the Eligibility meeting?


The meeting is generally 45 minutes in length and the agenda is as follows:

  • Introductions of meeting participants and the process
  • Review of the referral concerns
  • Summary of the findings for each evaluation requested
  • Review of any additional relevant information including parental input
  • Discussion of disability categories for consideration
  • Eligibility criteria is carefully considered and documented based on the available information
  • Decision about the child's eligibility for special education based on the consensus (general agreement) of the committee
What if my child has a medical diagnosis of a condition?
The existence of a medical condition alone does not automatically qualify a child for special education and related services.  There must also be evidence of adverse impact on educational performance that results in a need for specially designed instruction in order to access the general curriculum.
What happens if my child is not found eligible for special education services?
The Special Education contact, usually the assistant principal of the school, will provide information relevant to instruction to the child's teachers or any appropriate committee, such as the Child Study Team.  
What happens if I disagree with the eligibility decision?
You, as the parent, have the following options:
  • You may write a dissenting opinion stating your disagreement with the eligibility decision.
  • You may request an Administrative Review of the eligibility decision within 60 business days of the eligibility meeting.
  • If you disagree with the Administrative Review decision, you may request mediation or due process.
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