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Thanks to all the students who were a part of our outstanding production of INTO THE WOODS!!! The community was so impressed with the talent that was on display. You all should be PROUD for doing such a great job. We now move to the last event of the year. All theatre students and family members are invited to attend this gathering. Until then have a restful and relaxing few weeks and I'll see you in the theatre before you know it!!!

Thespian Nominations

Best Rookie

Jacob Fuentes

Abby Keene

Lauren O’Laughlen

Josh Lee

Carolani Bartell

Austin Taylor


Best Newcomer

Jacob Pangburn

Katie Berry

Kendall Malinchok

Quinton Tuggle

Jake Pelletier

Sabrina Rooney


Best Tech

Scott Rogers

Lance Meckel

Seoyoung Kim

Annie Rossman

Kanisha Sukhadia

Morganne Hutchinson


Best Female Understudy

Ashley Pearce                                                         INTO THE WOODS

Cecilia Barber                                                          INTO THE WOODS

Rebecca Kinard                                                       RADIUM GIRLS

Morgan Eaton                                                         MACBETH

Kendall Malinchock                                THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD

Sarah Deal                                                               THE CAT IN THE HAT


Best Male Understudy

Scott Rogers                                                            THE CAT IN THE HAT

Gio Aievoli                                                             INTO THE WOODS

Ricky Kim                                                               RADIUM GIRLS

Jack Doyle                                                              THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD

Nick Hemstreet                                                       INTO THE WOODS

Arthur Norton                                                         THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD


Best Female Cameo

Sami McGraw                                                         RADIUM GIRLS

Kendall Malinchock                                                RADIUM GIRLS

Rebecca Kinard                                                       INTO THE WOODS

Colleen Moses                                                        THE CAT IN THE HAT

Holly Casserly                                                        RADIUM GIRLS

Sarah Kiel                                                                INTO THE WOODS


Best Male Cameo

Grant Fuller                                                             RADIUM GIRLS

Jake Pelletier                                                           GREEN EGGS AND HAM

Scott Rogers                                                            RADIUM GIRLS

Ryan Kirkpatrick                                                     THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD

Jacob Fuentes                                                          THE SNEETCHES

Dennis Atanassov                                                   THE SNEETCHES


Best Female Comic

Victoria Romano                                                     INTO THE WOODS                                                             

Kate Pilkus                                                              RADIUM GIRLS

Liz Klein                                                                  MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM

Sydney Calvelli                                                       THE CAT IN THE HAT

Kellie Hartless                                                         INTO THE WOODS

Sarah Deal                                                               GREEN EGGS AND HAM


Best Male Comic

Duncan Maclean                                                     INTO THE WOODS

Ryan Kirkpatrick                                                     INTO THE WOODS

Justin Lakatos                                                         MACBETH

Eric Wickham                                                          CLIQUES AND CAFETERIAS

Quinton Tuggle                                                       CLIQUES AND CAFETERIAS


Best Female Dramatic Performance

Ariana Pettis                                                            RADIUM GIRLS

Emily Sorber                                                           MACBETH

Sierra Orr                                                                RADIUM GIRLS

Allistar Smith                                                          RADIUM GIRLS

Ashley Pearce                                                         MACBETH

Ashley Nguyen                                                       THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD


Best Male Dramatic Performance

Blair Smith                                                              THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD

Eric Wickham                                                          MACBETH

Ryan Kirkpatrick                                                     RADIUM GIRLS

Duncan Maclean                                                     MACBETH

Drew Hazlett                                                           THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD

Payton St Laurent                                                    SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY


Best Supporting Actress

Alix Jackson                                                           RADIUM GIRLS

Katie Berry                                                              INTO THE WOODS

Sydney Calvelli                                                       INTO THE WOODS

Emily Sorber                                                           RADIUM  GIRLS

Alyssa Hudenburg                                                  CLIQUES AND CAFETERIAS

Brittany Harris                                                        INTO THE WOODS


Best Supporting Actor

Blair Smith                                                              THE CAT IN THE HAT

Jacob Fuentes                                                          INTO THE WOODS

Nick Hemstreet                                                       INTO THE WOODS

Drew Hazlett                                                           RADIUM GIRLS

Arthur Norton                                                         RADIUM GIRLS

Josh Lee                                                                  INTO THE WOODS


Best Actress

Alix Jackson                                                           INTO THE WOODS

Iman Young                                                            THE CAT IN THE HAT       

Sierra Orr                                                                INTO THE WOODS

Ashley Nguyen                                                       INTO THE WOODS

Brittany Harris                                                        RADIUM GIRLS

Kendall Malinchock                                MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM


Best Actor

Blair Smith                                                              INTO THE WOODS

Nathan Handberg                                                    RADIUM GIRLS

Jack Doyle                                                              RADIUM GIRLS

Eric Wickham                                                          MACBETH

Jacob Pangburn                                                       INTO THE WOODS

Nick Hemstreet                                                       MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM

Monday thru Friday for selected members of the cast from 4 till 6:30 pm. Some actors may be allowed to leave earlier (before 6) depending on what is being worked on in rehearsal. Please know students must be picked up once they are dismissed from rehearsal.
All rehearsals go from 4 pm till 9:45pm every night. Dinner is provided to all students.
Please check for possible changes in the rehearsal schedule on the call board at the school. This should be done daily.
The breaking down of the set will take place immediately following the last performance on Sunday. All cast and crew are required to attend "strike" to receive "thespian points".
- Monthly in the Black Box!!!!
Join us for all the information on this fun gathering!


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