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Freedom Theatre

 *For more information on how you can participate and support Freedom Theatre 
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Thanks to all the students who auditioned this week for INTO THE WOODS!!! The panel was so impressed with the talent that was on display. You all should be PROUD for doing such a great job this week. FHS is lucky to have such passionate, dedicated students who love the theatre as much as you do. Over the next 24 to 48 hours we will be hard at work to cast the best possible show. Once again congratulations on a GREAT week of auditions. Have a restful and relaxing weekend! You've earned it!!!
                                                 A CAST                                                      B CAST
Snow White                           Angela Vivaldi
Sleeping Beauty                    Cecilia Barber
The Baker                              Blair Smith
Rapunzel’s Prince                 Duncan MacLean                               Nick Hemstreet
Florinda                                Kelly Hartless                                       Austin Taylor 
Lucinda                                Alistar Smith                                         Cecilia Barber
Cinderella's Prince                Jacob Pangburn
Jack's Mother                        Emily Sorber                                       Ashley Pearce
Jack                                       Josh Lee                                              Gio Aievoli
Cinderella's Stepmom           Brittany Harris                               
Baker's Wife                          Sierra Orr
Rapunzel                              Katie Berry                                     Rebecca Kinard
Cinderella                               Alix Jackson                                 Katie Berry
Witch                                    Ashley Nguyen
Little Red                             Sydney Calvelli                              Abigal Keene 
The Wolf                              Jack Doyle
Cinderella’s Mother              Rebecca Kinard                                    
Cinderella's Father                Quinton Tuggle                        
The Narrator                        Ryan Kirkpatrick
The Giant                             Victoria Romano                              Kate Pilkus
Steward                                 Nick Hemstreet                                 Eric Wickham
Milky-White                         Colleen Moses      
Mysterious Man                  Jacob Fuentes 
Ensemble Characters           – David Rios, Eric Wickham, Liz Klein, Sarah Deal, Ally Perlberg, Carolani Bartell, Emily Heer, Sarah Kiel, Sami McGraw, Alexis Divenere, Carolani Bartell, Austin Taylor, Alexis Thomas, Abigal Keene, Cecilia Barber, Angela Vivaldi
Monday thru Friday for selected members of the cast from 4 till 6:30 pm. Some actors may be allowed to leave earlier (before 6) depending on what is being worked on in rehearsal. Please know students must be picked up once they are dismissed from rehearsal.
All rehearsals go from 4 pm till 9:45pm every night. Dinner is provided to all students.
Please check for possible changes in the rehearsal schedule on the call board at the school. This should be done daily.
The breaking down of the set will take place immediately following the last performance on Sunday. All cast and crew are required to attend "strike" to receive "thespian points".
- Monthly in the Black Box!!!!
Join us for all the information on this fun gathering!


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