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Ms. Maynard   
                    Wild Cats Civics 2014-2015 
 2nd Qtr test --  (pages 21-41)
Click here for your study guide answers. Unit 2 Review Key 
Unit 2 test will be held on Fri., Jan 23
(or, students may take the test on Thursday in resource.) 
Binder check and bell ringers due Thursday and Friday 
If you had planned to stay after school on Wednesday, you may stay after school on Thursday.  I'll be in Lab 2. 
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 Be sure to visit my Calendar page for upcoming homework, quiz, and test dates. For assignment details, visit my Homework page.
Eighth grade is a transition year. Writing assignments, for instance, are definitely more challenging than 8th graders may be accustomed to. Being able to express opinions and defend them in writing is a state SOL objective. As students begin making the transition to high school, they will be held to such basic standards as writing in complete sentences. In addition, the County has tasked social studies teachers this year with providing frequent critical thinking activities to our students. All of this means that students must apply themselves with diligence in order to achieve at the highest levels.