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Library Media Services
21000 Education Court, Suite 516
Ashburn, VA 20148
Phone: (571) 252-1470
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Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
Friday & Student Holidays 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Alexandria Library System
Search for Books, eBooks, and Materials Available at School Libraries
Loudoun County Public Schools subscribes to lots of online resources and databases for learning, reading, researching, teaching and just for fun.
Mackin VIa
Tons of e-books are available in MackinVia, our e-book portal.  Please contact your library staff if you don’t know your schools log in and password information.  Many of our online resources above also contain lots and lots of great e-books. 

How Can LCPS Faculty and Staff Find Instructional Resources and Professional Books and Materials?
Where Can LCPS Teachers make free Instructional Materials - Posters, Buttons, Copies, Bulletin Boards, etc.?
Where can I access thousands of instructional videos, images, documents, digital resources and learning objects?
(Internal Access)
Loudoun County Public Libraries
The Loudoun County Public Library also provides a full variety of library resources and innovative technologies to meet the informational, educational and cultural interests of the entire Loudoun County community.
VideoBlocks Education
A database of royalty free and copyright safe multimedia clips that students and teachers can legally download and use in a variety of video editing and media projects.

Last Modified on March 10, 2014