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Technology Resource Services

Lynn McNally, Supervisor Technology Resource Services
Barbara Gruber, Technology Resource Specialist 

Technology Resource Services (TRS), working hand-in-hand with the Department of Technology Services (DTS) strives to provide a technology-rich learning environment for all students. The Loudoun County Public Schools Technology Plan aims to build on the current environment so as to ensure that all students develop the technology skills and knowledge to become resilient, life-long learners and to ultimately realize their full potential.

Learn more about the educational initiatives behind Loudoun's desire to provide ubiquitous computing tools for students,


Teaching and Learning

LCPS supports teaching and learning by providing each school with a Technology Resource Teacher (TRT), School Librarian(s), and assistants.  Together they support teachers and students in using all available resources to positively impact student learning.


Conference Presentations

Professional Development Programs

Support Staff (TRTs, Librarians, and Assistants)

Tips and Guides

Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel (TSIPs)


LCPS’s technology infrastructure is supported through the Department of Technology Services (DTS).  DTS's network engineers, network specialists, computer technicians, and AV staff to ensure the stability of the schools’ networks, computers, software, media and the Internet.


Technology Governance

Through policies, procedures, and processes, LCPS is committed to ensure that the technology infrastructure and virtual learning environments are safe, equitable, and integrated within the classroom and instruction. 


Internet Safety Program

LCPS Guidelines - Using Web 2.0 ToolsLCPS Hardware Committee 

Software Review and Installation Process

Technology Steering Committee - New LCPS 2011-2015 Tech Plan