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Practice and Enrichment for ELL Students
It is important to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening skills every day.  If you are looking for additional activities to practice at home, please check out the attachments below or the website links! 
The content of these links is not controlled by Loudoun County Public Schools. While school staff reviews links when they are inserted, the content may change. If you find any linked home page content you consider inappropriate, please bring the matter to the attention of the building principal. Remember that the outside source Web page may link to other pages that have not been reviewed; explore at your own risk. 
Visit find and create flashcards, worksheets, games and songs to practice a wide variety of vocabulary. 
Visit practice letters, sounds and reading skills and strategies.
Visit for more language practice at various levels!
Click hereto see an Alphabet Picture Chart.  Use the chart to play games with your child.  Encourage your child to sing the ABCs, point to specific letters or letter sounds, or point to the sound he/she hears at the beginning or end of words.
Click hereto see a Blank Alphabet Chart. Encourage your child to draw a picture of something that begins with each letter sound.
Click hereto see a Picture Dictionary for beginning ELL students or students in grades K-2.  Encourage your child to write new words he or she learns each day and draw pictures to go along with the words.
Click hereto see a Vocabulary Journal for more advanced ELL students or students in grades 3-5. 
Click here to see a Location Word Song.  Use the attached song to learn location words. Change the words and use people or objects in your environment to make it fun and exciting!
We are very excited to add to our list of websites.  In order to access this website, you must have a username and password provided by your ELL teacher.  Parents, if you would like access to your child's reports on Raz-Kids or if you have any questions, please ask Mrs. McGowan.
Last Modified on June 17, 2014