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  • Welcome to the Sterling Middle Library 


    Developing critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers & skillful researchers since 1971.”


    Who are the school librarians?

    Ms. Guido, Librarian 

    Mrs. Light, Librarian 

    Mrs. Schray, Library Assistant



    After school hours

    After School: The library is open by appointment after school when buses are available.


    Two Requirements:


    1. A signed note from a parent or guardian

    2. Librarian availability checked in advance

    Can I access school research at home?

    YES! Our online resources are AMAZING! Some passwords are your Network Login, other passwords are provided in your school agenda.

    When can students visit the library?

    Language Arts/English: Students are scheduled to visit the library with their language arts teacher.


    Resource, Luch, or Teacher Pass: Any Student visiting WITHOUT a teacher must sign into the "Student LibraryTRAC Log."


    Unsheduled Classes: Small groups of classes are welcome to visit if we have available space.TEACHERS: Please update the "Class Log" when you arrive.



    How many items can a student check out at a time?

    Books: limited to 3 at a time, but maybe negotiable


    Magazines: 1 at a time


    Graphic Novels/Manga: 2 at a time


    How can a student put a book on hold?

    A student may request a book to be put on hold by filling out a form. Holds will be processed in the order in which they are received.



    What happens if a student loses or damages a book?

    Borrowers must pay for any item that has been damaged beyond repair or lost. Payment can be cash or check made out to Sterling Middle School. If the book is found after a lost book is replaced, no refund is available.



    Can students use the library's computers, iPads & Electronics?

    Library computers are for fulfilling school projects only. Students will be limited if they abuse this privilege or they do not follow the school's equipment policy.