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Welcome to the Frederick Douglass Elementary PTA homepage!
Be sure to check back often for updates!

Parents and Staff - The PTA Exec. Comm. received a number of emails from interested parents willing to volunteer as the FDES Parent Representative on the Interview Panel for Paula's backfill/our new Principal. We'll accept volunteer names up until 8am tomorrow (Weds.) to be entered into a lottery drawing on Weds., 6/22 at 10am. Almir Bekric, the FDES Head Custodian, has volunteered to randomly draw the name of one person to serve as our FDES Parent Representative.

What do we KNOW about the role/responsibilities of the Parent Rep.? We know the Interview Panel will interview candidates for the Principal position on June 30th.

We reached out to multiple parents that have served as the Parent Rep. for prior Principal interviews at multiple schools and received the following feedback:

---The interviews could span the entire day (depending on the number of applicants)
---You will be limited to asking a certain list of questions, but can ask your own follow-up questions based on the applicant's response
---You may not see applications or resumes until 30 minutes before the first interview
---There may not be time to discuss likes/dislikes or pro/cons for the applicants amongst the panel, the panel may call for a vote of the applicants immediately following the last interview
LCPS Administration has the final say

If you are interested in serving as the FDES Parent Representative on the Interview Panel on June 30th, please send me (Marissa) an email at

PTA Executive Committee

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Executive Board
Marrisa Baptista 
Vice President-
Jessica Acosta
Nataly Estermera
Faddwa Brubaker 
The PTA is looking to fill our Committee Chair positions for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please visit the "PTA Officers, Chairs and Committee" link on the left to learn more about the different positions and email with any questions or to volunteer! 
 The 2015-2016 Board would like to thank everyone for a wonderful and productive year!  We were able to purchase an iPad cart for the school, have 2 successful festivals as well as 2 bingo's, offer free family activities, and much more!  We look forward to an equally productive 2016-2017 year!
STEM Lab volunteer schedule is posted!  Visit the "STAR Hero" section and follow the link for your grade.
 Please visit our Volunteers link on the left for volunteer opportunities

Meet our the Executive Officers

President, Jessica Acosta 
Vice President, Kim Hovda 
Treasurer, Kathleen Mihelic 
Secretary, Faddwa Brubaker 
Membership to the PTA is $10 per adult or $15 for a Family with 2 adults