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The Douglass School Alternative Secondary School Programs 
Douglass school is the center for Alternative Education Programs for middle and high school students of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). Seven different programs, each targeting a different population, are offered through the Douglass School. During the current school year over 450 students will attend one of the Douglass alternative programs.
The Alternative Education Program
The AEP offers middle and high school students an alternative format (block schedule), smaller sized classes (maximum 15 students per class), and varied instructional approaches as an alternative way to school success. This voluntary program currently serves 155 students who come from all areas of Loudoun County. Each year about half of the graduates enter competitive employment while the other half of the school's graduates continue their education, predominantly at the community college level. The AEP serves about 180 students per year.
Individual Student Alternative Educational Plan (ISAEP)
The ISAEP prepares students, ages 16 to 18, for the Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED) while also preparing them for entry into a career pathway. The program emphasizes the development of the basic academic skills needed to pass the GED exam, career assessment and exploration, development of work readiness skills and specific preparation for entry into a career field. The ISAEP enrolls 12 students every two months for a total of 40 to 50 students each year.
Middle School Transitions
The Middle School Transitions Program provides a comprehensive assessment, intervention, and evaluation program for middle school students who are being considered for long term suspension and/or are at risk of disenfranchisement from the educational system. These children are at an important age when an interruption to their educational program can have significant impact on their probability of completing high school. Students are placed in this program by the superintendent. The program provides individualized instruction, a highly structured behavior management system, career awareness and education, social skills instruction and counseling. This program generally has about 6 to 7 students at a time and about 10 students per year.
Substance Abuse Education (SAE)
SAE is a 30-Day program providing substance abuse education and assessment for students who have violated the LCPS school drug policy a second time or who have been caught distributing. The program provides extended removal from the student's home school in lieu of Long Term Suspension. Students continue their academic program by working on lessons provided by their home school teachers. SAE teachers provide support and direct instruction. The students in SAE also participate daily in a substance abuse education program and attend the three-day Insight program. The SAE serves about 20-30 students per year.
Insights (3-Day)
Offered at Douglass by the Safe and Drug Free Schools Office, the Insight program is a three-day intensive decision making and drug prevention class held weekly throughout the school year. This class is designed to aid students in assessing the impact of alcohol and drugs on their lives, to identify ways to change and/or to resist peer pressure. Students enter this program by contacting their home school guidance counselor. The Insight program serves 140-150 students per year.
Saving 9th Grade
The purpose of the Saving 9 program is to provide an opportunity for first time ninth grade students who are failing all subjects at the end of third quarter to salvage 5 credits from their first year of high school. This program will offer students an opportunity to earn credit in the core academic subjects and Health/Physical Education by re-taking second semester of each course at Douglass starting with the fourth quarter and continuing through summer school. Students must commit to attending both parts of the program (i.e. fourth quarter and summer school.) This program will serve 24 students this year.