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 AP EXAM 2015 information

    • AP US GOVERNMENT EXAM will be held at 8 AM in the AUX GYM on Tuesday, May 12th
    • The DHS EXAM will be held at 8 AM in the Choir Room on Tuesday, May 12th
    • AP COMPARATIVE GOVERNMENT EXAM will be held at 8 AM in the LIBRARY on Thursday, May 14th  


ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM----->Please plan on arriving to school between 7:15 and 7:30 and meet in Ms. Relator or Mrs. Barton's room.  We will provide light snacks (BRAIN FOOD!), make sure you have all your materials and moral support:)  We do not want anyone to be rushing in to be "on time".  Research shows that it is important to be calm and in a positive mood before taking an exam. 
    • BRING SOMETHING TO WRITE WITH:  Students should bring at least two, sharpened #2 pencils and two black or dark blue ink pens.  Mechanical pencils are NOT allowed.  You also may want an eraser.
    • DO NOT BRING CELL PHONES!!  Cell phones and other electronic devices are NOT permitted in the testing room, so please put them in your locker prior to the test

    • DO NOT BRING YOUR BAGS:  Backpacks, purses, and other bags are NOT permitted in the testing room, so please put them in your locker prior to the test.


********* After the exam you can donate any study review guide books for next year's students for extra credit points.*** 

 Welcome to
AP Government & Politics
(United States and Comparative)

 Today’s increasingly interdependent world has made it necessary for students to think globally. It is imperative for young citizens to understand political processes and political events not just from our own country, but from a diversity of countries around the world. To gain understanding of international events we must examine political structures and perspectives of other nations and how they compare, affect, and interact with one another. Comparisons assist both in identifying problems and in analyzing policymaking.
Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics along with Advanced Placement Comparative Government provides a yearlong course on government. We focus on the United States along with six core comparative countries: the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Mexico, Nigeria, and Iran.

*** Students should refer to the class VISION page for up to date announcements and class resources.

 I look forward to meeting the class of 2015 in September!

  • Students and families, please read the 2014 AP GOVERNMENT syllabus and put the important dates in your agenda.  Return the family information sheet to aknowledge that you have read the syllabus together and return a signed copy to Ms. Relator by September 5th.   

2014 Course information:

Fourth Quarter 9 week plan
Students should have an access code for the digital copy of their text,
Mark Kesselman, Joel Krieger. Introduction to Comparative Politics. Boston: Wadsworth. Cengage Learning, 200

 Project Resources

Quarter 1 Political Socialization Essay
Quarter 2 Scholarship Essays
  • Cspan Student Cam,  
Quarter 3 & 4 Policy Paper 
Policy Research paper
  • This project is broken up into 6 different assignments.  You are being given a lot amount of time to complete research on this project because you are expected to complete research that is consistent with expectations of a college course.  All due dates are assigned at the beginning of the semester, please note them in your agenda. 
  •  This assignment requires citations to be in APA STYLE, see the style guide here: How to Cite (There is also an APA style guide in your agenda)
  • Additional Resources are available on the course vision page. 



Last Modified on May 7, 2015