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LCPS Gifted Program Goals
  1. To become divergent creative thinkers who recognize problems and solve them.
  2. To construct personal meaning and understanding of others and of the world around them.
  3. To develop the capacity for self assessment (ownership of the learning).

F.U.T.U.R.A Goals


·      Draw on past knowledge and apply it effectively in new situations.


·      Check for accuracy in thinking.


·      Think with increasing flexibility.


·      Display ingenuity, originality and insightfulness.


·      Communicate precisely, clearly, and effectively.


·      Inquire and investigate with wonderment and inquisitiveness.


·      Reflect on your own thinking.


·      Relate to others with understanding, respect, and fairness.


·      Reflect on alternatives before taking action.


·      Use curiosity to create curiosity.


·      Make real-world connections through questioning, problem posing, and problem solving.


·      Reason logically and analytically.


·      Learn to live graciously with his/her talents and gifts.


·      Grow in technological proficiency.


·        Acquire additional academic knowledge.