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Welcome back to the Art Zone!
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Announcing the SCES "Finding Inspiration" Contest for Youth Arts Month!
Artist Pablo Picasso once said "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."
The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines inspiration as "something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires someone."
The Challenge:   What do you think Picasso meant when he said this? You might also want to tell us what inspires you to make art, and when or how you find time to make artwork. How does your art class help you find inspiration?
Respond to the challenge with your original ideas in ONE of the following ways:
  • ​Write a 1 page essay (typed or handwritten)
  • Write a poem
  • Make up new lyrics (words) to a song
  • Draw, paint or collage a 2D picture
  • Make up a short play
  • Make a video that shows your response
  • You may also submit a videotape yourself reading, reciting or performing your essay, song or poem!
Who can enter? Every student at Sanders Corner ES, K-5!
When: Entries are due by the end of the day on Friday, March 21. Entries may be placed in the "Finding Inspiration for YAM" box in the main office. 
Prizes: Prize winners will be chosen for every grade level, and winning entries will be announced on the SC news the following week. One Grand Prize will be selected to receive a $25 gift certificate to ZINGA!! 
Submission guidelines:
  • ​All entries must include student's first and last name, grade, and classroom teacher.
  • 2D artwork submission may be any size, but no larger than 18"x 24"
  • When writing new lyrics to a song you know, please include the original name (and composer) of the song you used.
  • Video submission can include (for example) you reciting or reading your essay or poem, you singing your song, or talking about your response to the challenge question.
  • Videos must be either .MP4 or .WMV files, and cannot exceed 15MB in size.  Videos may be submitted one of two ways: email to or on a flash drive (drop off to Mrs. Hanes).
  • You may work with a partner or group and enter together, but only one prize will be awarded for each winning entry.
Questions? Email Mrs. Hanes at
Good Luck!
Hey Parents! Do you want to help? Donate your time!!!
Parent volunteers are always welcome in the Art room. Please let me know if you plan to come in and help, whether it's your child's art time or another time, help is always welcome! I can be reached here at school via phone (leave a message) or email
There are certain times during the year when certain grade levels will need extra help (like the 3rd grade Animal fair or 1st grade weaving).  Check the art blog or email me for special volunteer requests!

Visit the "Links and SOL's" page for fun online art activities and Va Art SOL's.
Children in grades 1-5 have art class once a week for 50 minutes.


Are you developping an Artists 8 Habits of Mind?

Develop Craft- Learning to use tools & materials.  Learning the practices of an art form.

Engage & Persist- Taking a personal interestin the art world.  Developping focus and persevering at art tasks.

Envision- Learning to mentally picture what cannot be directly observed, and imagining possible next steps in making a piece.

Express- Learning to create works that convey feelings, ideas and personal meaning.

Observe- Learning to pay attention to visual contexts more than ordinary "looking" requires.  Learning to notice things that might otherwise be overlooked.

Reflect- Learning to think and talk with others about one's work and the process of making it.  Judging one's work in relation to the standards of the field.

Stretch & Explore- Reaching beyond your supposed limitations, learning to embrace learning from accidents and mistakes.

Understand the Art World- Learning about he history and practice of art.  Interacting with other artists and the art community.

I'm still learning!

drawing pencils


Mrs. Hanes enjoys helping her students develop their creative abilities while learning about the relevance of the arts to their lives.  In her classroom, students will find a safe, nurturing environment that values each student’s unique contributions.  Best of all, the art room is a place for children to have fun and express themselves! 

SCES students can look forward to art lessons that will:

  • Engage their imaginations by using music, stories, movement and other resources to teach visual art concepts
  • Teach them about the art and architecture of cultures studied in each grade level
  • Build a repertoire of experiences based on Virginia’s Standards of Learning for Art that foster creative problem solving skills and aesthetic sensibilities
  • Encourage every child to value the role of art in their lives and inspire them to do their very best
Grading and Assessment in Elementary Art:
While it can be difficult to place a numeric value on the quality of a student's art room experience, most parents appreciate some feedback about their children's learning.  Art projects are developed to align with the Virginia Standards of Learning for Art, and assessments take into consideration each child's progress as measured against the SOL's. 
Students in 1st-5th grades are assessed for each project completed during the quarter.  Many projects, especially for older (3-5) classes, will take several weeks to complete.
Grades in art are given according to the county-wide guidelines:
E=Exceeeds the standard
M=Meets the standard
 P=Progressing toward the standard
B=Below the standard