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5 STAR Lessons for the Computer Lab!

Dear Boys & Girls~
These "Lab Lessons" were chosen to reinforce important classroom skills in a fun and creative way.  I think you will find the sites listed below challenging, yet I hope you will have some fun figuring them out and becoming an "Expert" player. Read each activity carefully for directions or tips, then choose one that is appealing to you. Stick with it and don't give up too quickly! Let me know what you think.

JMrs. Adams


Adders: In this game, you are a snake (an adder!) trying to solve simple math facts like 5 + 7 = ? or 17 - 9 = ?. Your math question will appear at the bottom of the page, and four possible solutions will appear within the game area. You must choose the correct solution, and run into it. There are two sets of controls you can use to move the snake. You can use the arrow keys, or you can use the following: X = Down, S = Left, D = Right, E = Up. After you solve 5 problems, you will advance to the next level, in which more walls will appear, making it more difficult to navigate. Click HERE when you are ready. Here is the URL: []!
Clueless Crossword: Can you solve a crossword puzzel in this new and challenging way? Read the directions carefully before you begin. You will notice that vowels have been placed in the puzzle, but you will have to figure out the rest of the missing letters. If you hover over an empty square with your mouse, all of the squares with that same letter will be highlighted! Look for patterns, plurals and other possible letter combinations to solve the crossword. Clicking on the "hint" button will place the correct letter in the puzzle, but try NOT to use it as it increases your time and takes points off of your score. Do you think you're ready for a challenge! Click HERE or on this URL: []
Eight Letters in Search of a Word:  Use the 8 letters given to you to find as many smaller words as you can! You'll earn Big points if you can also unscramble the letters to figure out the missing 8 letter word! Spellling counts and this is a great vocabulary builder. Click HERE when you are ready for a challenge! URL is []

If you get a login screen, please click on this link for a different location for Eight Letters in Search of a Word!  {}
GeoNet from Houghton-Mifflin: This is a GEOGRAPHY game that challenges what you know about geographical reagions of our planet. To BEGIN: choose either the US map of the World map, then select a region of the map and a category in that reagion. Questions range from easy to hard with more points awarded for the more difficult questions. This is a GREAT practice for students interested in doing well in the annual Geography Bee! To get tho this Link, Click HERE! Here is the URL: []
Google Earth - LEARN: Learn tips and tricks to explore the world using GOOGLE EARTH 5.0, find interesting places and share content with others. Follow this hands-on learning game at your own pace until you complete each level and become a true explorer! This lesson works BEST if you EXPLORE with a partner; one partner that is logged in to Google Earth and one partner who has launched this website to follow the directions! 

This self-paced game will get you familiar with both the basics and more advanced features of Google Earth. Once you complete the course, you'll be able to: FLY to your home, EXPLORE the oceans, SEE sights around the world, EXPLORE street-level imagery, VIEW 3D buildings, SEE 3D terrain, VIEW user-submitted images, EXPLORE historical images of the Earth, MARK places, DRAW paths, MEASURE distances, and TOUR many locations.  Click HERE! For MORE Google Earth HELP, click on this URL: []
Hi-Q (Peg Solitaire): This STRATEGY game has very simple rules. Pegs (red circles in this online version) are allowed to jump over adjacent (vertically or horizontally) pegs. The peg that has been jumped over is removed. So jumps are like captures in Checkers. To move a peg, you select it first by clicking on it once. Then you click at the square (hole) to which you want the peg moved.
The goal of a regular game is to reverse a starting configuration: Positions with pegs must become empty while empty positions should be filled with pegs by the end of the game. At the beginning, you are presented with the standard configuration where just one peg - the central one - is missing. Therefore, the goal for this configuration is to end up with a single peg in the middle of the board. Click HERE when you are ready to try this challenge! []
Math Mayhem: To PLAY this math speed game, TYPE your initials in the WHITE box (NEVER USE your real name). Make SURE your number lock is on, then click the BEGIN button. "MM" takes a few seconds to load, so get ready. Your SCORE is at the top of the screen, but looking at it will slow you down. This game will make you a multiplication wiz-kid, IF you stick with it! Click on this Link when you are READY -
Marsmoney: Can you figure which MARTIAN is richer? Martian money is different from the money here on earth. See if you are smarter than a MARTIAN! Click on this Link when you are ready to play this game about money:!
Oxymorons: What does the lumberjack do with a tree after he cuts it down? He cuts it up! This is an oxymoron. Oxymorons are contradiction of terms. These can be a difficult concept to teach children. However, when using games, oxymorons can be fun! Using terms like “crash landing” or “jumbo shrimp” can make learning oxymorons fun and interesting for kids. Children can learn to put opposite items together to form common everyday terms. Click on this link when you are ready to 'Match & Make" Oxymorons:
Robo Solitaire - CODE 13: This game from is a FUN but CHALLENGING game of adding factors of 13! Before you begin this activity, CLICK on the "How to Play" button and READ the basic RULES of the game. When you are ready to play CODE 13, click the HOME button, then click the "Play the Game" button. Here is the the CODE 13 Link from LearningPlanet: []!
SpeedMath Deluxe: The goal of SpeedMath Deluxe is to create an equation, as quickly as possible, from the four digits the computer gives you. You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to create your equation, but you are not allowed to rearrange the digits. Make certain that you use the correct "order of operations"! []

Spelling Challenge: Bring a list of CORRECTLY spelled words to the computer lab. Click on this Funbrain Link: [], select one of the levels, and CREATE your Own Puzzle. If you don't ahve a list of words, try selecting one of the puzzles that Funbrain created for you!
SUDOKU: This is a REALLY HARD Sudoku activity from, "Games for Your Brain" website! You have to complete the entire puzzle to earn your points, no quesses and you are playing against a TIMER! If you think you are up for this challenge, click HERE or copy/paste this Link: []!
SUDOKU 2: Select the level that's right for you! Click HERE or copy/paste this link: [] 
Wacky Tales: This is the ONLINE version of Mad Libs! Click on this Funbrain Link: , select ONE of the Mad Libs, click the PLAY button and you are ready to write some very WACKY Tales! Once you have selected 10 words, click OK to READ your story. If it's FABULOUS, and you ask permission, you may print your story to the Lab-LJ printer!
Word Bubbles: Guess WORDS that begin with a three letter seguence to earn points and get the "bubbles" up to the surface. Read the "How to Play" first, then click on the "PLAY" button. To get to Word Bubbles, click in this Link: []! Try to best your score each time you play!
Word Clouds: Wordle is a "word cloud" generator that creates a wonderfully creative and random view of related words. YOU must know what words you want to use (spelled correctly, of course) and have an IDEA of what sizes you want the words to be. To see what I mean, bring a list of 5 of your favorite hobbies or sports or vacations. Which ever one is your most favorite, type it 5 times in the Wordle text box. Type your next favorite 4 times, then the next favorite 3 times and the remaining words, 1 time each. Click on the Wordle Link: [] to get going! If you don't like the first view, try the randomize button!