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School Information

School Board Member: Jeffrey E. Morse 
Dulles District: Dulles South Late Fall Newsletter Fall 2014 
School Hours: 
7:50 to 10:50-AM K
11:35 to 2:35-PM K
Beginning of the Day:
7:50-Instructional day begins
Students arriving after 7:50 
will be considered tardy
End of the Day:
2:35-Dismissal bell rings for 
bus riders
2:40-Dismissal bell rings for 
walkers and car riders

Office Staff

Attendance Secretary: Mrs. Tammie Meckel
Click the button below for the ABSENTEE EMAIL:
Email adress Absentee Phone: 703-957-4361 
Secretary and Parent Liaison: Mrs. Lisa Rael
Bookkeeper:  Mrs. AimeeTucker 


Home of the Eagles 
Principal: Ms. Julie Gross  
Assistant Principal: Mr. Kevin Murphy
Administrative Intern: Nellie Adams  

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