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 Mercer Middle School 
 Home of the Mountain Lions
Mr. Bob Phillips
                     Mr. Nick Cottone          Ms. Heather Ichimura                       
Assistant Principal         Assistant Principal
Ms. Janet Davidson
Ms. Shena Ivory-Brown
Ms. Danylle Kavanagh 
Main Phone Number:  703-957-4340
Fax:  703-327-2719
Sue Britton, Attendance:  703-957-4342
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Cafeteria:  703-957-4345
Health Office:  703-957-4343

Student Health Services Forms
Grade 8:  703-957-4348
Heidi Miles, School Counselor
Claire Girard, Secretary
Grade 7:  703-957-4347
  Megan Casterline,  School Counselor
Kelly DiPierro, Secretary
 Grade 6:  703-957-4346
 Jazlynn Finney, School Counselor
Kimberly Kenny, School Counselor 
Teresa Sisk, Secretary 

2015 Virginia Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence

"Preparing young Virginians to compete and succeed in a new Virginia economy."

We are a "School To Watch."

In order to prepare students to be ready for college, career, and citizenship, the National Forum seeks to make every middle grades school academically excellent, responsive to the developmental needs and interests of young adolescents, and socially equitable as "Schools to Watch".

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