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Dominion Administration
John Brewer  - Principal
Jamie Braxton - Assistant Principal
Angela Rhine - Assistant Principal
Jon Signorelli - Assistant Principal 
Joe Fleming - Athletic Director
Jaclyn Smith - Director of School Counseling
School Contact Numbers
571-434-4400 (Main Office)
571-434-4412 (School Counseling)
571-434-4410 (Athletics)
571-434-4404 (Absentee line)
571-434-4401 (Fax Line Main Office)
Root: memor
meaning: memory, remember
memorabilia (noun): collection of things that bring back memories; artifacts from the past that serve to help remember

We bought some Washington Nationals memorabilia at Dulles Town Center.  



School Board Members

Beth Huck, County, At Large
Debbie Rose, Algonkian District
Brenda Sheridan, Sterling District